Alfa Stelvio 19 TI AWD - dodgy deal...?

New to leasing, trying to get my head round this deal. Help appreciated!

24 months / 10K
MSRP: 50,590.
Sale price: 47K
Rebate: $1k
Trade-in value $7k
Fees $396
Price $453/month
MF: 0.8(?)
RV: 61%

I don’t get how the MF can be 0.8% (did he mean 0.0008?)

Monthly payment isn’t too bad, but wondering if it’s actually not great value due to the 7k trade-in?

Please help!

That is horrible! That is like $745/mo with your trade factored in

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Similar, I was offered the following:

2019 Stevlio TI with pano roof

24 months / 12k
MSRP: 50490
Sale price incl rebate: 46000
Add charges and tax back in: 48700
Cash down: 5000
Price: 594 a month

I was also talking about trading in my car which has a BB value of 15-16k. Off the top he suggested 10k.

Am I naïve to put 5000 down?

Never put 5K down on a lease if car is totaled or stolen that money is gone!!!

Looks as if the two of you are getting similar deal offers. You’re both in the mid 700s with effective payment after money down.

Look for greater discount on these cars or look for 2018s if possible.

True…but with zero down, that type of car (without further negotiating the MSRP down) would lease for c.$700+ right…? So is the trade just acting as a (relatively high) down payment? (the 19 offers published on their official site have c.4.5k down to get monthly payments of 450 ish…

I know that paying money down on leases is generally best to avoid, but slightly struggling on how to get my head around avoiding that given i have a second hand car that i don’t need and would therefore put to the deal…and don’t feel like hassle of selling privately etc.
anything i’m missing/thinking stupidly about…?

I can’t get my head around if they’re upcharging me on the interest rate(?) or just not discounting the MSRP as far as i’d like…?

Good advice, thanks StingerTT. I do feel like the 2019 are more desirable for folks due to having carplay etc.

Have you searched the site at all? Nobody’s paying anywhere near 700 for a Stelvio. as for your trade, you have them cut you a check when you trade it in.

fair play. like i said, new to this and trying to get my head round the financials. have spent a lot of time looking around the forum. appreciate the input.

I just got a quote on Friday

2019 Stelvio TI
Term 36 months
Miles per year 15,000
MSRP $53,790
Selling price $47,090
Rebate $1,500
Cash deposit $2720
Residual 48%
Rate/APR 0.111
Monthly $563.34
Due $3272
Includes NJ tax 6.625%

I questioned the Rate/APR and was told the loan was through Ally, and that’s how they quote it. I think another $1000-1500 discount would actually be a decent deal for a $54k MSRP and 15,000 miles.

I’m not interested in spending that much. Especially the amount due.

I’ve also heard that another down side of putting money down is you have to pay tax on that amount (as it is a down payment)?

And, wouldn’t another downside be you are not getting the full amount b/c it’s being spread over the term of the lease ?

Yes it’s taxed, you’re basically making payments upfront

You pay taxes no matter how or when you pay for the vehicle.

I have no idea what you mean about not getting the full amount. Whether you get it now or later, it will be the same. The ONLY advantage to money up front on a lease is saving the interest. But many heavily supported leases, such as this Alfa, have such low MF that it doesn’t make much sense to NOT borrow as much as you can.

I’m in SoCal and looking at Stelvio Base Sport AWD (driver assistance, moonroof’s and Nero). MSRP of car is $51,490 before including 1 1/4 trailer hitch, so I can use my bike rack).

No cap cost reduction (as others have said, never a good idea)
Drive-offs of $1,750 (includes 1st month)
36 months at 12K/miles per year
Money Factor 0.00075
$620 with tax (10.25% tax rate here - ouch)

I’ve gotten about three quotes so far and this is the best.

Are you married to the Stelvio? I’ve seen a lot of folks get Stelvio TI here on the forums for around 500 a month or under. Seems like you are having issues negotiating in your area.

Have you considered other vehicles with better lease programs? Hate to see someone spend so much money on a Stelvio.

X2 loaners are leasing well right now, depends on how much room you need though. Or maybe X1 although the program isn’t quite as good.

$500 with tax? On a 2019 and no cap cost reduction? My $620/month includes 10.25% tax, so pre-tax it’s $562.

The Stelvio drives unlike anything in the class. Thought about a Q5 but it’s both more expensive and nice but boring to drive. And I don’t want to pay for an SQ5. Nothing else in the segment really compels me. I’d rather just keep driving my '15 GTI.

Your Stelvio has a higher MSRP than most of the deals we’ve seen so it makes sense that the monthly is higher. I would say that a Stelvio at ~$650 (including drive off costs) is extremely close to SQ5 money (without MSDs), which has more HP, a much nicer interior and better tech. That’s based on what 2018 SQ5’s were going for in December, I don’t know if there are any left near you or what the lease numbers are.

From spending a while on this forum I’ve noticed that FCA vehicles tend not to lease that well in Cali, but Audi/BMW, etc tend to be cheaper than other states so that might be a factor.

Maybe that was the case at one time, but the quote I got from Ivan, who is a well-regarded Audi salesperson here was $715+tax or $788 with tax. And that’s without rolling in drive-offs.

Last Friday I got offered a '19 Stelvio Ti Sport for 560$ zero down tax included, first payment due at pick up.
MSRP 46290$, sales price after discount/rebate 41326$

Residual 52%, could not get the money factor, so I didn’t get it because could not figure out the calculator
10k miles per year

560$ seemed too much, I wanted to stay under 500$ tax included
They offered me at 499$ a Stelvio base ( 38k MSRP )

I believe 560$ on a 41k car is too much? is my first ever lease approach, I saw Stelvio’s in the forum below 500$, so I walked away :frowning:

SoCal, Alfa of Glendale