Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti - Input of next steps (addt'l rebates, trade-in, MRSP extra discount)

Hi Hackers!

As I’m trying to figure out how to heal from this LH dependency I have developed lately (I am literally browsing through the forum all day, and I do not need a car … HELP!!), I have started this “game” of trying to see if I can get a great deal for an Alfa Stelvio and get rid of my wife’s Q3 lease. I hate that thing and if the numbers make sense I’d do it. Background:

  • Yes, I want the Stelvio
  • Yes, I just sold my Giulia through Vroom last week (I have a Abarth stickshift that it’s paid off and I have fun with that during my 2-mile trips in town)
  • Yes, I might have been hit by “remorse” as I miss seeing her out of my window … that’s why I started this “game”

LH homework 101 done:

  • Reached out to about 8 dealers in 50 miles range (I live in NJ, several options)
  • I contacted a broker 2 weeks ago, but when I mentioned that I wanted to look at options for the Q3 the conversation stopped as his deals, although GREAT, did not take into consideration a trade-in.
  • I can revisit the broker if needed, but as “first time” LH want to see if I can do this myself … if not, I might just either sell the Q3 to Carvana (have a good offer, see below), or just keep it until lease end

Now … this is the best I received so far. It’s the first offer from them … I was aggressive right away with the salesman, and the sales manager came back with this:
MSRP: 50,345
SALE PRICE: $45,126 (10.4% OFF —> MY TARGET WAS 11%, close)
REBATE: $4,500 ($2,500 cash+$1000 loyalty+$1000 FCA owner) — CHECKED ON EDMUNDS
DOCS: $498
DMV: $401
TIRE TAX: $8 (not sure what this is)
EXTRA NJ 0.4%: $180.50 (I assume this is the luxury tax?)
TAXES @6.625%: $1,413.99
TAX ON FEES: $32.99 (math tells me there are taxes on DOCS)
RESIDUAL: 48% (I know…)
TERM: 36m/12K miles
DAS: $0
MONTHLY PMT: $554.08 (matches calculator below, I put the NJ luxury charge and the doc taxes in the acquisition fee, and it works out except $1, rounding?)

Now, questions on next step and that I did not bring up yet:

  • I have a $500 Truecar rebate
  • I have a (potential) $500 Penfed rebate (60-day membership mid-September) ---- they will NOT move this car, so maybe I can bring this up
  • I have the FCA Affiliate Rewards that gives me 1% below invoice … but the MSRP discount is already below, based on the invoice price I found online - thoughts?
  • There is another potential $500 in Alfa Lease Return: the footnote say that the lease has to expire before 3/31/2021 (mine was 9/29/2021) … worth asking, they can just say no :slight_smile:
  • Trade-In: Carvana offered me $900 below payoff. It’s $1.5K more than the average trade-in on Edmunds/KBB/Carfax already. Vroom is right there, $1000 less. Considering $495 disposition fee, it’s basically a little over 1 payment. Also, there is close-to-0 supply of used Q3 on basically any website I looked at … maybe there is no demand, but who knows …

Here’s what I am thinking as I’d love to happen …


  • Counter with 12% off MSRP — $$44,300
  • Mention the TRUECAR and PENFED rebates - extra $1,000 - new payment $501
  • No mention of Trade-In
  • If they agree, I sign and sell Q3 to Carvana (pain in that place …)


  • Same as above, but ask for them to match Carvana’s offer that would basically offset the above rebates, BUT would bring me some tax relief, correct?
  • This is the part I don’t know how to calculate …


  • Do nothing
  • My wife doesn’t need the car
  • I don’t need the car
  • An admin please block my access to LH so I can sleep at night

Thoughts? Any positive on bringing up the Affiliate? Any other scenario?

Thanks in advance!


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Scenario 3 will save you the most money.


I know … This thing I got into doesn’t really have any positive from a financial standpoint. homework in advance for next year :rofl:

LH 101 states to reach out to dealers first? Wrong.


I did my initial homework first (Edmunds, invoices, target prices, etc. to know what I was looking for.) I reached out after I collected all my data points, I didn’t walk in anywhere, the above is one deal received by email.

Of course, they all kept insisting of me going in to test drive, or discuss numbers, or not willing to share figures by emails, and those stopped right there.

I can pass on a deal I have negotiated. I have two dealers willing to work with me on discounting. Lemme know if you are interested.

Prob gonna buy one of them if my local dealer doesn’t match later today

All in I’m much lower than you

All these etrons are on the west coast — Sam with the $349 A6 sheesh

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