Alfa Romeo lease offers

I just received these offers from a dealer in PA, any thought guys ?

Numbers have gone up in Sept, people were getting those same msrp for well below that, myself included. At this point i don’t think you’ll lose much waiting for October.

Only problem is a have a totaled car and a new job on Monday so need something within the next week :roll_eyes:

Rent a car for a month - would probably come out to less than your lease.

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  1. rent a car and keep negotiating in the interim. You may get up to 5% more if you’re willing to travel + find a dealer that plays ball

  2. look at another make

  3. pay the man if you absolutely have to have one of these cars ASAP.

Not much more to the decision than these 3 items here.

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May have to look at another one at this point. Been in a rental a month already need to get my own wheels again.

Infiniti still leasing well it looks like. You have a price point you’re trying to reach?

There’s #4 too…base Giulia will shave a few thousand from the bill.

I’m thinking the next month or so rates for AR will be crappy and then nov/dec strong to end the year well … or so I hope.

Ideally I’d like to keep the payment under 500 a month but I want something that’s fun to drive. Reason why I liked the guilia since day 1

True but once you use big flappy paddles you can’t go back lol

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I too have been searching far and wide for any AR deal that can come close to the deals had in August, and it’s just not going to happen. You’re looking at $150 more per month in September for the same net capitalized cost, strictly due to the residuals and interest rates (mf) moving against us. To get back to the same monthly payment that was available in August, the dealer would need to take an extra $3,500 or so off.

The third quote you posted is in line with the lowest i’ve seen. I’ve talked to probably 10 dealers from California to New York, and 3 of the dealers gave me quotes in the $515-$535 range, and the rest were quite a bit higher.

I’m holding out hope that Oct/Nov/Dec will bring back some sub $400, or at least sub $450 deals. If not, i’m prepared to move on to something else.