Alfa Romeo Guilia Sport NorCal

Hi All,

Long time watcher first time post.
I was eyeing to lease a Guilia for a while now.
Here are the numbers:

Model: Alfa Romeo Guilia Sport
MSRP: 45685
untaxed incentive (estimated): 4.5k
taxed incentive (estimated): 3.6k
After incentive price: 37400
residual: 28781
lease term: 24 months/ 10k miles a year
Monthly: 350 + tax
Drive off: 1950 (385 1st month + 711 Acquisition fee + 515 DMV fee + 337 tax on incentives)
LeaseHackr score: 8.2 years

The dealer was not willing to provide the breakdown on incentive so I calculated them roughly based on the numbers he provided. What do you guys think about this deal ?

You should be able to do better than that.

I signed my deal today for 8250 off msrp of about 50k
and then the lease incentives of 3250.

drive off was $1850

Hi, can you please let us know your monthly payment? Thanks! Great job…

I think it was 370+ tax

I left about $750 on the table not going to another dealership. But nobody else had color and options combo I wanted.

kdphan, you did a great job. I think color is important as well as options!

@kdphan @prasad223 Which dealership in the bay area did you guys go with?

I fly down to socal to get mine.

@mmian, I picked up mine from “Alfa Romeo Walnut Creek”.
I had plans to go down to LA and pick up from Alfa Romeo Glendale and I called this dealership and asked if they can do a price match. We came to an understanding and I went the next day to get the car.

They had all the options I wanted especially the interior and exterior color combo, it was only missing the paddle shifters but I was fine with it.

The sales guy was really good, no haggling, was easy to communicate. I had provide his contact if you are interested.

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Will you share the dealer’s details ? Do you believe he will agree for another lease with same numbers ?