Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti sport lease help


First time trying to lease and I’m pretty confident that I’m being ripped off.

2019 Giulia Ti
MSRP 54,090

The dealer originally told me the car would be $700 a month then lowered it to $562 with a 2k trade and 2k down. I’d prefer not to put anything down. Is this an average deal for a Giulia or am I being screwed. I was expecting somewhere the 1% rule for a monthly payment but this is nowhere close.


$2k dealer discount is terrible on a Giulia, 15%+ is pretty common. They’re trying to make the lease offer look better by putting your trade equity into the deal, keep it separate and just get them to give you a check for it.

Giulia deals tend to be a lot about stock age, use to try and identify older models where they’ll discount more heavily.


Yes you are getting ripped off. You should be able to do much better on the sales price.


I’d look elsewhere. Every dealer I have spoken to was giving 8-9k off car before rebate without any a twisting. I ended up getting car near St Louis. My car was stickered at 56.5 and payment is 622 for 24/12 including 9% tax. Up-front payment was first month of 622.