Alfa Romeo December To Remember

I wanted to start off by thanking the community AGAIN for making me salesman of the month! I am so very appreciative as this is 11 straight months this year… I also am ready to quote again for December, so if anyone wants an aggressive deal without any BS or the bait and switch game please contact me. You can email me @ or call/text 814-504-0544. Also, if everyone could answer these questions when requesting a quote it would make things much easier on me and help me provide an even quicker quote.

My promise still stays the same. I won’t waste anyone’s time and promise only to provide accurate information and exploit exceptional customer service. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

• Full name and address with zip-code
• Who is your Employer? Spouses employer? I will personally check to see if your employer qualifies for Affiliate rewards. This is a chance for you to save more money.
• Can you tell me your color preferences and equipment preferences for your new car? You can also go to our website and select a Stock number that works best for you.
• How many miles a year do you need?
• Do you currently lease any FCA vehicles? If it’s a lease, when does the lease end and who is is Leased through? Do you own/lease a Maserati, Acura, Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, Lincoln or Porsche? Again, if it’s a Lease please let me know when it ends and who it’s leased through.

It’s very important that I get all of these questions answered to provide Quick and Accurate quotes.

Thanks again for the opportunity

can you post your website address so, I can look up stocks.

Sent you an email and pm. Just saw this, so some of the items you requested were not included.

Not speaking about the deals…

But “december to remember” is a lexus thing, not alfa


Here’s the inventory

I’m moving up from GA to NJ next month. Curently driving a 09 g37 and it is finally the time to get a new car. Since my g37 is rwd I’m going to leave the g37 with my parents and get an awd car. I’m very interested in Giulia or Stelvio. I will lease either depends on the deal. Hope there will be a great deal on January. :wink:

Didn’t know it was a Lexus “Thing” I posted it because I thought of it and it sounded good. It’s an Alfa thing this month haha

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I can definitely recall the “December to Remember” advertisements and commercials for Lexus going several years! Haha

11 straight months as EoM? Do your peers know about Leasehackr or have you been keeping this gold mine to yourself? :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck with December!

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They all know about it. I work with some great people, unfortunately my hustle is hard to match, not trying to boast, I am just extremely dedicated and have a huge following beyond Lease Hackr. This Goldmine is awesome and so are the people on here. I have met and sold over 100 Hackr’s and still have relationships with 1/2 of them. I’m not a “Car Guy” I just love people. PS it’s actually 21 straight months counting back to last year haha.

Thank you for the kind words

just emailed you, @Justin_Sutton

Can someone explain to me why Lexus ads have people talking with British accent? lol


Maybe people think a British guy telling you to buy something comes from a place of highly esteemed qualifications? I never understood it either, but it does make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I like their girls better :grin:

My Siri is set to respond to me with a british girl accent. Oh nice!

I wish there was a Russian girl accent because I hate my life and want to be yelled at whenever I ask for directions to the nearest Starbucks.

if by hustling hard you mean ripping off Lexus’ tag line while claiming you came up with it and then announcing it’s now Alfa’s line…then yes…nobody hustles harder than you!!! :rofl::sunglasses::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Add me to the growing list of impressed customers. @Justin_Sutton was attentive, helpful, and above all, able to make deals no other dealers could. He means what he says folks – he doesn’t give you the run around, all numbers are legit and extremely transparent.

Picking up my 2018 Gulia Ti Sport AWD next week, I cannot wait!! THANKS JUSTIN!!


PM sent thanks!