Alfa loyalty program


Need help . new to forum. Leasing a new Stelvio. I’m getting out of my car (Macan) and so I don’t have access to the loyalty program. Dealer is telling me that my father-in-law can cosign as he currently has a Guilia. Is this the only way get the $2500 ?

Thanks and apologize in advance if I have done anything wrong here :smiley:

I don’t think the $2500 is loyalty. Have you confirmed on Edmunds what the current rebates are for your area?

I have to ask… Macan to Stelvio? Is it a base Macan? If it’s not just lie and tell me it is.

I’ve definitely seen $2500 loyalty on these recently.

Typically, I thought for loyalty, even on a cosigner, they had to be in your household to qualify for loyalty.

You’re definitely not getting loyalty with him not in your household and not co-signing though.

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So it is a base Macan, great car.
I’m trying lower my car expense and I drove the Stelvio was quite impressed.
Trying to figure out the monthly delta. Paying $825/month on Macan.

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I looked at the website quick before I was interrupted, and saw $1000 FCA loyalty. Obviously it could be different region to region.

Whether it’s Alfa specific or FCA in general, no getting loyalty unless you or a cosigner meet the criteria. I would definitely request the residual/mf/incentives from Edmunds to see. There may be trunk money for aged inventory that isn’t loyalty. :man_shrugging:t2:

Message Justin from Alfa of Erie. Not far from Ohio. He will get you bottom line pricing and if not geographically appealing he will at least be honest about available incentives.

I got loyalty from jeep fkr my stelvio but that was 2018

Thank You to everyone. Quite helpful !