Alfa lease return

Will be returning my Alfa (Ally) in a few weeks. I just saw that my dashboard now says “maintenance required”. Am I responsible for getting this fixed for return?
I am not sure how much the dealer charges, should I just get it done at any oil change shop and get it out, or is it not required.

Were there any other things you had to do before return. Would love to get your insights on what Ally is tough with.

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You can always give Ally a call to find out definitively what your responsibilities are in regards to your lease.

They’ll tell you what you need to do. Then call the dealer service department to find out how much the services will cost (if required). You do not need to use the dealership to service the car to turn it in, it just needs to meet Ally’s requirements.

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You should clarify what the maintenance reminder is actually for to get a better idea. If it’s just the oil change light, then just change it anywhere (or reset it yourself if the next owner isn’t your concern).

If it’s a reminder for things like air filters etc I wouldn’t bother replacing them.

If it’s something more serious such as brake pad wear or something else then get it fixed at an independent mechanic.

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yes that’s my responsibility, checked with them now. Thanks.

got it. might just reset it. Will try checking with dealer too, they might be ok with it.

just curious how do you return it? just bring it to a dealership or did you do you do a inspection first?

no inspection. Just speak with your dealer to make an appointment for return. Inspection will be done later by Ally. It does sound strange, I know.
Ally checklist -

If I lease new vehicle from Alfa, do I get disposition fees waived too? Is that a standard with every brand?

I don’t think Ally has disposition fee.

I don’t think Ally has disposition fee.
New leases from Ally has disposition fees.