Alfa lease popularity

What’s up with all the Alfa leases? Are they awesome cars or just the newest thing so everyone’s into them? I have no background knowledge so just trying to understand the appeal.

Go test drive one and find out

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this. I didn’t know i was in the market for one until I drove a “julia” :stuck_out_tongue:

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lots of talk on the forum, but not a lot of people actually following through. Checks a lot of boxes for people. It always seems like “next month” will be the month the stars align and we can start seeing some hackr worthy deals.

amazing to drive but concerns on reliability… makes a 2 year lease attractive

Exactly. I test drove and if you want a premium sporty car, I don’t know why you would get anything else, assuming the price is in line with BMW or Q50. Drove a Q50 and it feels like a 10 year old car in comparison, but that’s the car that is cheaper, if any.

Recently got a quote for 24 month lease at $15k miles for $372 including tax with drive offs for the base Guilia. Drive offs consist of DMV fee of $675+1st months payment $372+Acq fee $595+$500 for not having a current FCA lease. Is this a good offer? Not sure why i have to pay an extra $500 for not having an FCA lease.

Yes, they’re awesome cars, and a fantastic lease deal vs MSRP.

I had to get one after driving it and seeing what my alternates were at that price point.

The $500 is because there’s a loyalty incentive, so FCA give you an extra $500 toward the lease if you already have an FCA lease.

Need to post the MSRP (and your tax rate) to crunch the numbers and see, but it’s an awesome car for that money!

Zip code is 91604. Its the base so I’m assuming $40,890 based on the website. Payment is $340 plus tax. Dealer is assuming 9.5% tax. Haven’t test driven it, but at that price and for only 24 months I’m really interested. Was wondering if i could get that $500 waived, but it doesn’t seem like it.

You can do better. Check out OC Alfa Romeo (they were the best price I got in SoCal):
Their front page lists the following offer right now:

$305/mo+tax, Due at signing will be on the order of $1-1.5k for acquisition fee, license, first payment, etc. It’s limited to base Giulia w/ MSRP of $42,240, but their inventory lists 7 qualifying cars right now.

Keep in mind this is their advertised deal too – they may go a bit better if you push :slight_smile:

Thats so funny you posted that. I just spoke to them. They were willing to go to $360 a month including tax with the same fees I listed above. What deal did you get? $360 seems great, I just hate that $500 fee for not having an FCA car.

I got a just-under $50k Ti Lusso RWD (Q2, with Ti Performance Package)… Ended up at $408/mo + tax for 24mo/15k, $1350 drive-off.

Your price sounds reasonable. While that dealership offers very good pricing in general, they won’t play ball by breaking down the deal over the phone, so it makes it a little harder to really dig. They definitely honored what they promised me though (and I’ve seen similar comments from others on here). Have you driven one? If you know you like the car you could offer them a little less and say you’ll sign today if they’ll go for that, etc. Did they also tack on the $500 at signing for not having an FCA lease? If so, I wish their ad was more transparent. You can also ask them to give you the price with $0 due at signing.

Giulia Ti Sport is one of those vehicles that I’m seriously considering once the lease on my 328i is over. I wasn’t crazy about Giulia when it came out, but it’s been growing on me.

Wow, what salesmen did you deal with? That is an incredible deal. I should be able to get a lower monthly payment then right? I sent them the offer i got that i posted above. Looks like you had an FCA lease. Still your payment is slightly above mine for a way more expensive car.

Mine was an April deal, and I don’t know how the Ally numbers (who this is through) changed for May. I know the CC/“FCA” residuals dropped ~2% for most Giulia trims April -> May which hit hard for non-Ally dealers. Incentives are the same though. My lease is Ally, not CC.

I dealt with Amin. I had some struggles with communication re: delivery, but making the actual deal was straightforward, I was happy with the price, and everything was as promised (again, other than the delivery-related communication).

I approached it by just saying I was going to buy a car that day if I could get the price where I wanted it, and that I was going to go with the best price. He had the best price. :slight_smile:

Like I said, you can probably push a bit harder here, but even your quote is still relatively good (and probably better than other dealers), it’s just that you didn’t ask them for their best price (in effect), you just asked them to beat your other quote. Which they did, by a small amount :slight_smile:

Edit: They beat the other quote by a bit more because of the higher MSRP too (42,220 vs 40,890).

Got it, that is the same guy I am dealing with. Pretty cool that they can deliver the car to me. I didn’t even notice the higher MSRP. Do you happen to know the differences?

You’d have to compare window stickers. Looking at the OC ones, it looks like $600 for paint, $750 for 18x8 wheels, $1900 for 8.8" screen w/ Nav.

oh okay. Honestly rather have the OC one. They have the color i like too and some extra features for a lower price. Thank you for your help. Planning on going in this weekend to get one.

I went on a test drive with Amin - he’s a great salesman. He sold me on the Giulia - my main issue is I’m 6’2" and I’m worried about the cabin room for myself. I’m still strongly considering leasing one though.