Alfa Giulia 2017 RWD $447+tax

After a fight with the salesperson the manager called and I think we got a decent deal on a Giulia…

MSRP: 44640

2500 due at signing (includes first payment)

or about 447+tax only first month due.

I am in Colorado as well…

Not the greatest deal but for a Giulia which have leased perry bad… I think decent…

Still going to go for a e300 ideally or s90 but this isnt a bad looking car at all and very loaded.

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I just saw this in my email

With zero down and without the conquest cash that still comes out to about $340 plus tax. For a 44K msrp you’d be looking at more around $390 to $400. If you can use the conquest cash it drops back down to $375 or so.

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Tried to show them other dealers but they are out of state and they started with the incentives different etc… blah blah blah lol

I wish my local dealers would match but they arent budging by saying they are out of state so they differ

I just sent the link to 2 Alfa dealers in Houston asking them to match. Got denied by both, pricing per month is double… This is just crazy.

Incentive is the same. Unless there’s additional incentives on top of conquest. Money factor may differ though. LA/California is generally the lowest.

Personally I’d deal with OCFiat, buy the car and drive it back to houston. They’ve generally been around $400 to $420 on a 44k MSRP Giulia.

Just purchased an 2017 Alfa Romeo TI Sport AWD with almost every package and feature possible.
MSRP was $54,085. With the rebates, and dealer discount, got it down to $43,488 and Residual at $25960. Only put 1555 first month payment, tax title, and acquisition fee drive off. Monthly payment before tax for 39 month lease is $456.75, and with tax in SoCal, it’s $492.15. They even took care of my Uber ride to the dealership! Glendale Alfa is the way to go. Talk to Rodrigo and Rick. Super professional and incredibly efficient. I was in and out of the dealership in less than 1.5 hours. Even financing guy, Kevin was super professional and didn’t try and sell me a bunch of unnecessary stuff at signing. Did this last night and am super happy with my 2017 Giulia TI sport, which now goes by the name Black Mamba! For those lease experts out there, was this a good deal? Interested in your opinions.

You don’t need to post your deal in every Alfa thread, especially the one that is titled “Alfa Giulia 2017 RWD $447+tax