Alfa dealer gets repoed

Alfa deals soon :thinking:

This right here explains everything:

Strickler said. "It’s on us 100 percent. To lower our lender’s risk, we had to increase customer dissatisfaction.”

If that is your core belief, then you should never be in business.


Yeah I didn’t understand how they thought it would work out better for them by doing that. To some point that’s just common sense.

Irony understand how you’re minimizing risk to your lender by promoting a customer culture of dissatisfaction?

How did they even get a franchise dealership with this mindset?

I’m not familiar with other brands but for Toyota I know for sure that you need to have previous experience as a Toyota store GM GSM or they won’t even look at your application or get a working partner who has a Toyota GM experience this Alfa screw up explains why Toyota is like that lol but now to the real question are these repossessed alfas going to get auctioned? If so where? :thinking:

I’m surprised it went this far, usually if you’re that close to the edge, they will audit your inventory often and won’t let it get to this point, I’m surprised fca didn’t pull the franchise. Most likely fca and the floor plan bank would work something out to redistribute the vehicles or potentially auction them off to only other alfa dealers.

Alfa Romeo isn’t doing very well at any dealership. The vehicle marketplace is very competitive and sales are trending down overall

I don’t see how, without a massive change, Alfa is here in 3 years. Maybe I’m missing something.

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Go to the forums. They’ll explain all the issues are due to car and driver and magazines trashing the reliability. It’s all a mirage and all is fine.

The author needs some help with grammar.

“it turns out Kamkad’s own dealership license was trying to be revoked”

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Fiat won’t last either, other than the nicer version of the miata, why would anyone buy any of those fugly cars.

Fiat would have a tough time selling other vehicles considering Dodge and Chrysler sell the preponderance of acceptable mass market cars under the FCA organizational umbrella.

Same reason why anyone would buy a smart car

And look where they are, :skull:

They’re going electric that will save them lol

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Those smart cars were awful, at least the car2go’s that I drove

I’d be too afraid to get in one, God forbid a bad accident…

I’ve heard of 3 Alfa stores in the past few months closing. It’s mostly the smaller stores though as you can’t keep the doors open if you move 5 units.

Alfa as a brand is probably here to stay - they have deep pockets and the company is basically debt free.

FCA isn’t going to rock the boat until they either sell or EXOR (Italian hedge fund that owns FCA) gets their money.