AirTags Used for Vehicle Theft

Boys and girls, if you ever get a notification to pair with a random Apple AirTag right as you get into or leave your car… :roll_eyes::flushed:

(Source: BimmerPost member Iconoclast)

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If you have an iPhone it’ll alert you that an apple tag that belongs to someone else is traveling with you (happens every time I take my dog for a run because it’s paired to my wife’s phone!


Honestly do thieves really do it this way? Don’t they just jack the car right then and there?

I’ve seen AirTags used to stalk people which honestly is more scary. Life > Property.

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Thought we were having something similar to this with my wife recently but the device was my AirPods I left in her car :sweat_smile:


Why even track it If you’re a car jacker. Just drive around and find the car you like and take it. The old fashioned way. This feels…dumb…and possibly made up. In fact tile was in existence for a while, did it happen then too?

Tile uses BLE and doesn’t have the range that AirTags have.

Tile also requires a Tile user with Tile app open. AirTags are detected anonymously with all iDevices

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Apple AirTags requires an apple phone, that’s about it. Tile requires the tile app to be installed.

I’m always very skeptical of these vague “look out! thieves are now doing xxxxxx!!” articles, especially considering the source here. This sounds like one of those things that might have happened a handful of times, and might not have even been thieves - but whatever, it’s a good chance to generate a clickbait headline and scare readers about something that poses no real threat whatsoever.

There are plenty of valid concerns around the concept of AirTags, but this one seems like quite a stretch.

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The bigger issue is people using them to track down their own stolen property and try to get it back. Good in theory, but dangerous and often illegal in practice.

Also stalking is likely a bigger valid concern

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