AGGRESSIVE Lease Pull-Ahead / Get out of lease?

Hi All,

I know the likely response to this. BUT… I have like 14 payments left on my '16 Buick Encore and 1) I don’t like it, 2) I think I’m overpaying a little and 3) I am sick of it…

Are there manufacturers who LOVE to get pre-owned vehicles for their lots and would be aggressive in buying me out of my lease? Or helping me get out of the lease to get into one of their vehicles?

Or… do I just need to keep waiting? I know it is based on the payoff, but perhaps some are better than others about getting you out of your current vehicle and into one of theirs?

Anyways… 14 payments to go… In theory, I COULD look into a lease trader/lease swap type of thing too, but that may be more hassle than it is worth!

Appreciate any insights!

Even if they are “aggressive” about getting you into a new lease, they are going to be rolling your negative equity into the lease. You could try swapalease or another service like that, but if you think you are overpaying, it’s going to be hard to get anyone to bite without an incentive.

Transferring the lease ( if captive allows) is the best way to get out of the lease financially even if you have to offer incentive. Also pay attention whether you will remain liable after the transfer. Some lenders will hold the original lessee liable in case of a default and other issues. Otherwise be prepared to eat the negative equity.

Hi Brian,

I definitely recommend riding out the remaining 14 payments or at least much closer to the end of the contract to avoid being upside down with negative equity!
it wouldn’t be the manufacture buying your Buick back it would be the dealerships used car department.
And, if any dealership tells you they can waive your remaining payments for you they’re just telling you BS just to get you into one of their new cars and score big on your Buick!
Let me know if you need any further help!

  1. Check Vroom, carvana and compare what they offer to your pre-tax payout which GMF can give you over phone. If you are under mileage, they might be a chance to go breakeven. If the negative is minor and you really hate it like you stated, then pay it and move on. if not, Move on to option 2 below.

  2. Check on swapalease on what they are going for. If offering a little incentive can help you get rid of it, then go for it. Keep in mind the lease transfer fee is close to $550 i think. Also, im sure you have held it for more than 6 months but you also have at least 12 months remaining before you can do transfer. If you are past that. then you can’t do lease transfer and go back to option 1 and consider the negative. and if its still dont make sense, move over to next option.

  3. Like mentioned above, Ride it out :slight_smile:

That’s not necessarily the case every time. If there were heavy rebates on the car when owner leased it, it could be diffierent and he might not have to wait. Example: I leased my wifes 2018 Encore in March when rebates were about $6k. I got a quote from Vroom for $20k while my payoff was $18900.

He mentioned overpaying for his vehicle so how would that be his case?

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go on Vroom and carvana and get some offers … compare them to your payoff price

Well… I personally think I overpaid based on past success at really doing well with my leases. So I don’t know how well competitively I did. Would have to look into that!


“Their ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”

At least that is what my econ teacher said back in high school.

If you are upside down, you will pay one way or the other to get out of the car. Whether that be negative equity, A higher purchase price on the new car, or taking a hit by offering an incentive on swaplease.

I would be patient and suck it up, with a good lesson learned for next lease.


Amen to your high school teachers quote!

Update: dealership looked into the payoff, and said I have about 4-5k or negative equity. I’m gonna suck it up and wait, as I really don’t think I want a Buick/GMC again… I think the leases on them are getting a little pricey for what they are. Plus, by the time my lease is up I think I would like to go entry luxury sedan… so long as the deals are out there to be had!

Also, I checked out a lease swap app and it looks like I actually had a pretty good decent deal on my encore when I got it. Just not great for my standards! It was 2016 model, leather group, most options ($33k sticker) and I put $800 down. Paid 279/mo with 39 month, 15k a year mileage.

Anyways, thanks all!


Not a bad deal! If you’re under miles you can always test the waters and put it up to transfer the lease to someone else’s name!