"Aggressive" 36/15 offer from Lexus on 2019 is300

I received this “Aggresive” (as he put it ) lease offer for a 2019 Lexus IS 300 F sport. Check it out…

MSRP 43,514
Discount 1,606.00
Rebate 3,500
(Accessories + 454.99)
Mileage 15k / 36
Residual: 49%
Payment 618 with zero down.

What am I missing here? This is my first lease offer, so i’m still learning… The numbers seem high based on other deals i’ve seen.

3% discount with $455 in added accessories is not aggressive.


Terrible discount, forced accessories, bad residual.

Not much you can do here.


Go to ATL or DC. It’s going to be hard to get a Lexus in NC because of the lack of competition. You should make sure you know what a competitive discount is, too

thats an awful residual for 15k, should be at least 55% but you cant do anything about that, thats on lexus.

Yep, that 49% residual is killer.

Pretty accurate if you look at what used ISs are going for. Low MF makes up for it usually with Lexus

probably true, I’m sure residuals might get better for the spring deals, who knows.