Advice Requested: 2019 XC90 Inscription

First post here…thanks in advance for being patient with a noob looking for advice on a potential lease.

Living in NJ. I feel like this should be a good deal based on the selling price and nothing else appearing out of the ordinary, but the score doesn’t seem great. Also this was over the phone so not exactly sure how much of the MSRP discount is really a taxed incentive which makes it even less of a good deal.

See the details in the calculator

I would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions. Thanks!

Is this deal including the $1,000.00 Costco cash?

I specifically asked about that when they gave me this info and they said yes. Is that counted as a taxed incentive as well?

Edit: Now that i think about it…they may have been BS’ing me because how could they have known I had a membership until I asked…

Lots of dealerships are calculating things assuming it and will take it out if you don’t. Costco is taxable. This is a decent deal.

What dealership is it? You can see if my guy in NJ can beat it.

Very helpful, thank you.

It’s actually Faulkner Volvo in Trevose, PA (I live in Philly, but vehicle will be registered in NJ). Would very much appreciate you sharing the info of your dealer in NJ!