Advice pls on 2016 Fiat 500e deal at $49 a month? Eventual zero out of pocket?

What do you guys think of the deal at OC Fiat? They are offering a 2016 Fiat 500e, 36 months, 10k/year, with eventual zero out of pocket. I say eventual because I have to put $2500 towards the car, which they say I’ll get back in the form of a state rebate 60-90 days later.

I would prefer to add the miles to 12k/year. Are there anymore tips for a better deal? Like can I add a security deposit to make the money factor lower? Thanks.

how does this “rebate” work?

It’s the California state rebate for leasing or buying an EV vehicle. Getting the $2500 back is not a problem. I just wanted to get people’s opinion if this is the best deal possible for the 500e. Thanks.

i thought the ev $2500 is exhausted?

$49 a month is like one crappy dinner a month at Olive Garden. Id take that if thats the car you want.

It’s not exhausted, it’s back on the table again.

I know $49 is basically nothing but I still want the best deal possible and I’m not sure if that is the case or not. I was originally eyeing the BMW i3 but all 2016 stock is exhausted.

How much extra will you pay for 12k miles?
I also would like a BMW i3 but all 2016 are out of stock

I know I’m probably late to the 500e party, but does anyone have the contact info of the Internet sales manager at OC fiat?

Thanks in advance

Do you know if you have to pay out of pocket after the lease is up?

Just the $395 disposition fee. Unless you go over the miles or the car is excessively worn or damaged.

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