Advice on what to do with my focus st?

I’m currently paying $349 a month for a focus st right now. I’m about to hit miles and I’m still 6 payments away from lease end.

I tried getting into an Alfa Romeo Stelvio, but apparently Ford makes it so other dealers can’t pay out my lease. Any way to get around this?

I went to ford and they offered to get me out of my lease and into this

MSRP: $32,125
Down payment 2,000 OTD
Monthly: $349
13k miles/ 36 month

Do I get into a new ST, pay the miles in 6 months and try to get into a Stevlio, or is there a way to get into one now?

I have no idea what to do at this point and I’m new to the forums so I appreciate any help

If you have $2k to put down, then, if I were stuck in this situation, I may opt to use that $2k to pay the remaining balance on the ST and walk away.

OR, what is the over mileage charge? If you rode out the lease, what would you have to pay? Is it more or less than what you’d pay right now?

You can get a $50k Stelvio for pretty much what they are offering on the $32k Ford. So to pay ~$2500 more by paying off the Ford first and getting into a Stelvio seems like a no brainer to me.

I would first, however, see what a dealer will buy your car for. Reading over the forums, I have seen reports both ways. Some have sold their Fords and some have been blocked by Ford financial. Can’t hurt to try. See what Carvana or Vroom can do.