Advice on what car to get

So I had a Hyundai Genesis that I turned in late fall. Paid $355 a month for it. Decided to go with one car for the winter. Spring is in the air though and I don’t really feel like running around in my wife’s lazy QX60 any more. Anyone have any thoughts on what I should replace Genny with? I prefer a large sedan to an SUV. Might have missed the BMW train. I don’t really have a budget but would really like bang for the buck. I am in the Detroit area and ideally would like to stay in the Great Lakes area for a car. I would also like to stay away from domestics as they flood our area. I liked the Genesis because I rarely see them. It was something unique. Comfort is a must and I don’t like a turbo 4 motor. They just annoy me. Please help with some ideas Hackers!

Seems like the BMW train hasn’t left the station yet… I’m try to hop on it. If that doesn’t work, maybe look into Lexus ES or LS. I have no idea what the lease programs look like right now, but they have been decent in the past

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BMW and Lexus require a bit of travel for me. Local dealers don’t deal. I do like the look of the new Lexus though. Very unique. BMW’s are less appealing because they are more common. For the right price though they become exciting. I see people post $200 ish payments and that sounds awesome. Especially if I decide to get out of it in a year or two.

How about a G70? Although it might be too small

Or Alfa Giulia - again might be too small though

Volvo might be a good option to consider!

Without knowing a budget it’s a little hard to give recommendations

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I would like to stay in the $300-500 range but it varies based on what I get. G70 and Gulia are pretty small for me. Like the s90 it was comfy but super boring to drive.

Seems like you love to post about the Genesis more than actually listening to advise or getting a new car.


Both Giulia (not QF) and Volvo have 4-cyl turbo motors. Did you read the initial post?