Advice on VW Tiguan SE 4 Motion Deal

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2019 VW Tiguan SE 4 motion with moonroof and 3rd row

MSRP: $. 31,205.00
Selling Price: $ 24,000
Monthly Payment: $ 269.59
**Cash Due at Signing: $**0

Annual Mileage: 10
MF: .00060
Residual: 54%

Region: west
Leasehackr Score:

I feel like it’s a good deal, but I’m new to this all and is my first lease and first hack! Any tips, advice is greatly appreciated!

I think this is a pretty strong deal…

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I’ve been shopping the exact model and trim. That is a nice deal. Did you get any type of conquest discount? That is a strong discount from MSRP, trying to figure out how you got there.

I’ve been shopping a Tiguan for months. The best deal offered to me was 322 0.00 due at signing on an SE 36 months/12k a year

looks great to me.

I contacted every dealership within 120 miles asking for a quote. They had the best first offer. I emailed them back with this counter offer and they responded by asking me what color I wanted. I think a lot of it was luck, but I made sure to send my offer to the dealer I thought would budge the most.

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What dealer offered you this deal? I could t get anything like that in the NJ dealers I contacted.

Is that with tax? You’ll have to pm which dealer that is, seems like a great deal. Just make sure you get a lease sheet or screenshot before you go in, so there’s no funny business. Don’t fall for any of the BS extras from the finance guy, you don’t need them.

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You know I’m sending you all the fine print before I sign @joeblogs :joy:

Just wanting to see if they want to do more of these deals before I share info out of respect for them. They are in Colorado

Will post the entire lease breakdown once it’s all squared away for reference!

Before you go to the dealer and sign, be sure to have them send you their final lease worksheet (which must be sent to VFS) as well as the completed lease agreement. Make sure all the numbers are calculated correctly. The worksheet and agreement should correlate. I do this as part of my standard practice. Makes it difficult for them to claim they made a mistake.

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This deal almost sounds too good to be true, we’ll have to wait and see…

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I know. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2: So far so good, but I know that can change fast. Worst case scenario is that it ends up not being as good as it sounds and I don’t sign and keep searching! Not in a rush!

I got $288/mo with first payment DAS on one without a sunroof on a last of the 2018’s deal, so if you can get this, I’ll be impressed.

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Deal is crumbling!

Who is it?

Ed Carroll :unamused:

How is it crumbling?

They sent me over an email saying, “here are the numbers we talked about yesterday” and they were different. When I asked them about it they said no deal and now have ghosted me. Moving on! :joy:

Sounds like who you were communicating with didn’t understand your counter offer, haha.

I think he jumped the gun with accepting and then was told no by the manager :joy: