Advice on Volvo XC60

I’m looking at leasing an XC60 Inscription with most options. I have a Costco and a Sam’s membership but if I understand correctly there currently is no special pricing for that. There also doesn’t appear to be any incentives for the XC60. That being said what should I reasonably expect to get off of the MSRP.

Also I live in Northern KY and Volvo dealers seam kind of scarce. Is there any advantage between leasing from Ohio, Ky, or Indiana?


Anyone? I know most of the discussion here is centered around Cal. but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Surprised? All answers are on LH and Volvo site, just spend a little time reading about recent XC60 deals. Also - on Edmunds, but we could give you MF/RV here also.

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I’m down in NKY area as well. You can see my most recent post about a T5 Momentum. I know they’re completely different cars, but I will tell you I’ve had no luck with any dealers within a 2 hour radius. Best responses from Ohio I’ve had has been in Canton & Dublin. Other states have been much better though.

MF and RV are known. I saw your post about 10% off. Do you think that is reasonable with high demand? Any ideas on if makes a difference between leasing in Oh, Ky. , or Ind.?

I would wait if you can. There aren’t many deals to be had because it’s a new model and is very popular. If the dealership is busy and others are willing to pay $685 per month for a $50,000 car, then they aren’t going to give you a steal. Wait till December, and I bet there will be better deals and incentives.

Independence here. you? So far I’ve been offered about a $5600 discount from the one in Louisville but of course they want to add on their special Perma package. MF .00069. Having trouble finding one with the features I want. Hard to find luxury seating package on a T5 inscription.

10% on XC60 is hard, I think 8% off would be a decent discount. You have more options where there is more competition, obviously.

Ft. Wright area here - not too far :slight_smile:
Yeah, I did not have a good experience with Louisville after many calls & run-arounds. I was also very annoyed they told me I had to keep that package on it as it was mandatory.

That luxury seating sounds amazing. We entertained the idea, but decided to save the money. But I did come across a T5 with it when I was looking in Memphis. Not sure if that’s too far for you to drive, but if you’re interested the link is here. Also, if you ask for Trae Townsend, he’s an awesome guy & will try to give you the best deal upfront if you tell him your terms. I’ve been working with him the past few days.

I just got an XC60 a couple weeks ago with the Costco pricing. You’ll automatically get a price that ends up being $750 above the invoice pricing (6% I believe). You’ll also get a $250 Costco gift card. I negotiated further than the Costco pricing and got a pretty solid deal. I think it had to do with how many competitors there were in the LA area, but with the ease of shipping these days, you can definitely still negotiate using other competitor offers.

Get someone to quote you the Costco price and get another dealer to beat the price, rinse and repeat til you get fairly close to a price you want to pay. Get one of them to bite with the phrase “beat this price by $____ and I’ll come in today.” (Though Memorial Day will be a zoo, if you’re not in a hurry, you may want to wait til next weekend to go in or at least make an appointment.) Once you’re in and you get a number you’re comfortable with, ask them to give you the new price with max MSDs. I started with MSDs on the table and feel like I could’ve gotten better if I waited til the end…

So they have the Costco pricing now? Hmmm will have to check that out. They didn’t have it when I last checked.

Yeah they’ve had it since the beginning of the month, running thru July. has the details…

Ouch that is terrible. You could lease an $80,000 SUV for that price.

That’s why I told you to read about Volvo first.

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I’m a Louisville resident and didn’t have much luck dealing with Volvo of Louisville either. They were recently sold to a larger auto conglomerate and it shows in their dealings.

I was able to find the exact car we wanted in Chicago (Volvo of Oak Park) and they seemed much more willing to deal. They were able to ship the car directly to my door and the whole transaction was very smooth.

Might be worthwhile to look in bigger markets and deal directly with the internet sales manager.

If I might ask what did they charge you to ship it?

Out of curiosity, what is included in this value package?

My advice is simply: don’t do this.
Volvo XC60 for anything over 400 is criminal.
Let the suckers have this. I see you getting nice Lexus Rx350 instead. Much better.

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$1499 includes window tint door edge guards and Permaplate an interior and exterior protection with one year warrant

Really don’t like the Rx350. Hate the infotainment system and they still refuse to support Android.