Advice on this 2020 F-150?

Hey guys, was wondering what you all think of this deal? Put it all into this calculator and everything is the same on paper so it looks good. This is a 2020 F-150 Lariat loaded to the brim with every add on possible (MSRP 68k after all). Not sure if I should wait it out and see what next month brings or if this is very good as is.

On a side note, I was offered tire and wheel for an additional $10 a month so it would be $611 if I include that on.

Thanks all!


Window sticker? You are up near the Platinum territory, might be worth looking into one for the massaging seats and higher quality leather.

Thoughts? Also, the platinum was quite a bit more. In the 650-670 price range, all things else equal.

MF: 0.000479166667

Ahhh Ford APR

How does the discount compare to other recent lariat deals?

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Very well equipped lariat, I think that would be fully loaded.

Have you tried shopping around other deals, what part of the country are you located at?

Maryland usually has very aggressive dealers, though covid puts a damper on things.

You would shave about $50-$70 a month off for a 36 month term

There has been very very few posts on this truck. The only one that is recent and relevant (but not really since its a platinum albeit MSRP is very close) ended up being signed for $697/month for 24/12k and $1700 drive off amount. My numbers look better but I am not sure honestly.

You at all check 24 numbers? Ford numbers can often be better for 24s

I’m in michigan, so it’s rather close. I am willing to go anywhere if you guys have any leads!

Yes you’re right and yes I did have 24/15k checked. It is $70 more per month unfortunately!

Anything other than 10k for 24 month terms will end up costing you more money.

Sheehy is generally pretty aggressive from my dealing with them, I pitted richmond and Gaithersburg against each other and gaithersburg came out ahead and saved me an extra 1k.

67k msrp
54k sales price (probably including lease cash)

With how inventory is, I would plan on negotiating until 2021’s start showing up at which point somebody will bite. Depends on how bad you need a truck.

Thank you! i’ll call them in the morning. Are you leasing an F150 as well? Recently gotten?

Also, they are offering a very significant % off of MSRP… Around 4% more than mine even when lease cash is factored in. Interesting…

Not a bad deal for fords especially. But I would agree to maybe look at some platinums msrp tend to actually be a little lower bc they come with more those lariat packages add up quick albeit you get a better blue box discount worth looking at. Here’s a deal i did a few months ago another data point for you. Signed 2020 f150 platinum msrp 66890

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Oh, can’t believe I missed that thread. You got an excellent deal! So to be clear, you got 10% pre incentive MSRP discount and then 6k in incentives? No x plan, A/Z plan or things of that nature, correct? I am going to start hunting the platinums again today. I could have sworn that they ended up costing way more from the couple that I asked about early on hence why I gave up on them.

How is the truck treating you thus far?

Yes 10% off and those incentives include a 2k pco and no x plan or anything like that. It did take me a bit to find that deal (2 months). I like the truck I was coming out of a 2017 lariat and the platinum is obviously nicer biggest difference is the leather is nicer the massaging seats imo are nothing to write home about other than that pretty much the same truck. When I was looking I was open to a lariat spec’d similarly but they were harder to find and more expensive than a platinum with the 701a.

Keep in mind that we are in the time of year when Ford frequently stops leasing the outgoing model year, and flips any incentives to purchase-only.

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Keep in mind that the MSRP you should be negotiating your 10% discount on is $62900, Ford plays this BS game of option package discounts. Dealer tries to gloss over this since the lease residual is based off the pre option package discounted MSRP. This is good because you get a higher residual, bad because the dealer tries to pull a fast one on discounting the car.


Thanks for the insight. Curious about this 10% number. Is this the goal to reach for when it comes to Ford?

If you do 67,900 - $2500 = $65,400 and then take your sales price and divide it by $65,400 you get roughly 10%, he is saying you are getting 10% off the actual msrp not 13.8%.

Ford will base the residual off $67,900 but you need to negotiate from $65,400.

Ohhhh… makes much more sense. Thank you!! Wow I had no idea about this

Yeah I totally forgot to mention this about the bluebox, good thing joe mentioned it. That’s very important info.

For the f-150s from experience they usually run until December 31st, leased 2018 model at end of November in 2018.

But with the current state of low inventory plus new model coming out its very possible that they could stop leasing at the end of this month, but my money is on December or January 2021.

Incentives for leases with ford are usually low anyway but yes lots of purchase Incentives and more toward end of the year.