Advice on offer (for Q50 RS AWD)?

I got the following 2 versions of an offer on a 2018 Red Sport AWD w/ Sensory package. MSRP 58,480, quoted at nearly $10k off MSRP (around $48800). Zip 94538

Not super versed in all the numbers yet - didn’t get a MF, wondering if someone could help me fill in the numbers? I have credit score > 800 - could I do better?

10k/39 months, either drive-off $1200, $446 (480 w/ tax) or $6k drive-off, $327 ($350).


Edit: No VPP. Looking into it - apparently my employer used to be part of it…

How about MSD? You should be able to save $50-60 a month with MSD. Don’t do down payment, spend that money on MSD


Hmm. Dealer says MF is already so low that MSDs can’t buy it any lower?

Get MF from dealer or ask on Edmunds forums

MF is low on q50 so your dealer is actually right.
I’m.looking for the same car myself (in ny area). The numbers look about right, but we need more details.

The lowest I’ve gotten so far was 508 (0 down) 10/39 on a nearly 58k msrp.

Ok, money factor 0.00003.

(erase a bunch of other stuff - I think he got confused and switched to a non-AWD model)