Advice on Lease - Electric + Adaptive Cruise Control

So my lease is expiring (actually, my car broke down and Honda decided to end it early, as it’s pretty much unrepairable before my lease will expire).

I am located in California, and am in need of a lease. I am not looking for anything fancy, but would like these features.

Electric or Plug in Hybrid (HOV Lane)
Adaptive Cruise Control
Leather Seats

Are there any cars that meet those criteria that lease well? I don’t mind forgoing options such as Adaptive Cruise Control on a Chevy Bolt, but right now no dealers even have it in stock, or if they do I am getting ridiculous quotes where it makes more sense to get a Tesla.

Figure out what you want. Get some quotes for it. The community will help you evaluate specific quotes.

You gotta pick your own car. Best of luck.


To help OP out, here’s the list of vehicles eligible for HOV lane stickers:

Notable ones that may lease decently relative to their MSRP:

  • Audi e-tron (~$700s)
  • BMW 530e (~$500s)
  • BMW i3 (~$300s)
  • Ford Fusion Energi (~$300s)
  • Jaguar I-PACE (~$700s)
  • Toyota Prius Prime (~$300s)
  • Volkswagen e-Golf SEL (~$200s)

With the Germans, you’ll need to find a car equipped with optional adaptive cruise. It’s standard on the Prius and Fusion I believe.

I’d check the Marketplace for recent examples in your area. Programs change month to month. Best of luck!


I have been also shopping for my wife in so cal. One of the vendors here has Bolts coming in end of the month.

Clarity Plug in - best quote I have seen so far is $29000. Which is about $4000 off MSRP. I am sure you can do better.

Prius Prime has great deals but much less credits compared to the Clarity.

I really like the VW - but haven’t really seen any really good lease deals.

Clarity Plug-In seems like a good car, but it just doesn’t not lease that well!

Also terrible if you need a trunk, but overall I like it.

Agreed. Lease numbers aren’t good on Clarity.

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