Advice on cashing in lease equity and getting a new EV - or wait

I have a BMW 530E that I prepaid the monthly payments last year (for tax purposes). The lease ends 11/2023. A local consignment auto dealer values the car at 40-43k. The lease buyout is 32k.

I’m considering buying/transferring the car to cash out the equity while I can, and still avoid CA sales tax. Part of the reason for doing this is some of the aggressive deals on Tesla and other EVs in the market. The other part is that I have to wonder if I’m going to lose most of that lease equity as the market might cool down in the next 6-9 months.

My question:
Do you agree with getting rid of a car that is “free”/prepaid for the next 7 months and getting into a new lease, or do you think it’s best to just ride out this lease and look again at buyout and a new lease towards the end of the year?

I’ve been working on EQS or I4 deals but haven’t found anything really exciting. I like the I4 and EQE but don’t particularly care for how big the EQS is. But I also only drive 4-5k miles a year, mostly just around town.

Appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!

What I4 number’s have you gotten? @IAC has some i think :thinking:

Same as what you’ve seen here. I’ve worked with BMW Dave (Townsend) before, and he’s been out of town, but he’s in the high 400’s / month with 3k DAS I think.

Lux Concierge (seems new, and never returned an email though) is advertising $499/month with 3k DAS. Someone else on the forum got that with $1800 DAS, so there may be some room to negotiate there.

The issue with I4 is that I’d rather have the E40 for range than the E35, but no deals on the 40.

How much prepaid utility are we talking about walking away from? More than $3500?

Plus six months of CA registration?

Are you that worried there won’t be deals in 7 months? They might be better…

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Might be better off waiting then. The EQS deals aren’t honestly all that…

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Registration is actually due in June, so just a month or two of that.
Payments were $481/month, so right around 3k depending on when it gets sold.

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