Advice on a proposed 2019 Audi Q5 Lease

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Hi there,
I received the following offer on a Premium Audi Q5 with the following options:

  • Ibis White, Black interior
  • Convenience package $1,500.00
  • Panoramic sunroof $1,450.00
  • Cargo cover $255.00
  • Audi Beam - Rings $250.00
  • Audi Guard All-Weather Floor Mats $200.00
  • Apple® Lightning® and USB Type-C cables $110.00
  • Destination Charge $995.00

Which brings the MSRP to 47,710
I’ve calculated Taxes (NY) to be at around $2000

The lease is at 10k/39 months (I believe the RV is 50% and the MF is .00054 based on Edmunds data)

The monthly pay is 557
With only the DMV and first month due at signing

If my calculations are correct, this represents an 11% discount in the cost of the car from the MSRP.

I’d love to also get your thoughts on how I did this calculation:
I’ve calculated the total I’ll be paying (e.g. 557*39 = 21,723), and then, I calculated the MSRP minus the Residual value (47,710-50%=23,855) which is the price I’m supposed to pay without a discount
but then I got a bit lost… so the 11% is not exactly firm…
Can you explain the best way to understand the actual discount?

Read the articles posted on how to calculate lease payments because your way is totally wrong.

So, I’ve gone ahead and filled out this:’m%20guessing%20what%20the%20actual%20Selling%20Price%20is…&zero_driveoff=true&totalLeaseTax_radio=true
but I was not really sure how to fill in the actual selling price since it was not given to me… does this make sense?
I basically reverse engineered the algorithm to give me the lease payment I was given but moving the % off in the calculator until it reached what I received

No. You can’t just make up numbers to match your quote. That’s why you want a detailed lease worksheet. I would guess that the following info is wrong.

Selling price, incentives, dealer fees, DMV fees and possibly MF.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll work on trying to figure this out from the dealer as well as trying to get a better handle on this - for the time being, I’d love to get feedback on the offer if you have any - is this a good deal or a bad one?

Are you seriously spending 110 dollars on USB-C and lightning bolt cables? How many are they giving you?

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It’s not really something I can take off :frowning:

You may want to consider hiring a broker. It’ll be a much better bang for your buck than the floormats and phone cords.