Advice on 2017 Infiniti 400 Red Sport Coupe

Please, let me know if Im getting a good deal or getting taken:

MSRP $55,490
Capitalized Cost $52,487
Residual $ (% of MSRP) 65% = $36,068.50
Money Factor .00144
Lease Payment $ per month ($ with % sales tax) $599.99

Due at Lease Signing: $1,000 this includes first payment, tax, estimation of tag transfer and a government fee.

where are you located?

Located in florida…

I don’t know much about Infiniti anymore but it doesn’t seem like a particularly strong deal. MF is average and discount is average.

You can get some nicer cars for less.

Thanks…what other cars are you thinking?

November was a good month for leases, some the best deals are here: Epic November Deals Wrap-Up (Equinox, Highlander, 3-series, Q50, Charger, Ghibli, MINI) (Expired) — LEASEHACKR

or just out the 2nd post here @willwar14 $78k 550i for $545/mo (includes tax already) - might not be in FL

That is not a good discount on an infiniti, I am sure you could push for at least 10% if not more. Also, have you considered security deposits?