Advice needed for bmw 328i xDrive lease in WA

I am new to lease and find that every dealer here in Washington State gives me a much higher quote for the model you guys leased. My zip code is 98133. My question is what shall I negotiated?
I asked the dealer about residual, she says its 63% based off MSRP and MF is .00177
Vehicle Price $44,860.00
Savings - $3,295.00
Price $41,565.00
WHEEL LOCKS + $135.00
Vehicle Selling Price $41,700.00

Sales Tax (estimate)	+	$4,086.60	 
Documentation Fee	+	$150.00	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate)	+	$250.00	 
Customer Deposit Edit	 	 
Balance Due (estimate)		$46,186.60	 

LEASE OPTIONS 10,000 Miles
Cash Down Monthly payment
24 months $4,398 $498
30 months $4,780 $530
36 months $5,177 $577

Good god that tax is soul crushing, ~10%.

Bad deal. Under 400 with no money down. Does WA collect sales tax on whole value of car?

Go to a dealer in Cali. MF is marked up as well.

Yes, tax is high in WA.

I ask the question, it seems like that WA only collects tax on monthly payment.

Do you mean NorCal or SoCal? Thanks

YEs so the dealer is putting tax there on purchase price to confuse you. They frequently do that. Please avoid this deal and find another dealer. A 328xi should be 350 max with little down.

That’s a small discount for a 2016 model. Here in Southern California, I’d expect at least $6,000 off MSRP (there’s a dealer that’s advertising $6,000 off every 3-series in stock).

Also, they marked up the MF to the maximum amount. The base rate is .00136 and with MSDs, it drops to .00087.

BMW has recent grad, corporate employee, and USAA incentives, which if you qualify for, would make the deal sweeter.

Given that they are playing every single dirty trick such as marked up mf, bogus taxes, poor discount please walk away from this dealer

Thanks so much. I will try to contact other dealer.

My company has corporate fleet program with BMW.
I found this lease:
Monthly lease payments of $269.00 for 36 months based on MSRP of $41,345.00. $4,194.00 cash due at signing is based on $3,000.00 down payment, $269.00 first month payment, $925.00 acquisition fee, and $0.00 security deposit (not all customers will qualify for security deposit waiver). Tax, title, license, registration and dealer fees are additional fees due at signing.

Is this a good one or what cost can I still argue down with dealer? Thanks.