Advice needed. Chrysler 300 S

So my dad is getting a car and there is a deal advertising $266 with *266 down for 36 months for the Limited model. He is going to pay $300 with 300 down 36 months for an “S” model which MSRPs about 42k.

***Both still need to add tax

The lease conquest cash is already rolled into that original deal so is there anywhere else he could save money? Does Chrysler offer MSD?

Thanks guys

No MSD and I would call around to see what other dealers can offer. Not enough info here for us to help. Need MF, residual, MSRP and sale price.

Is this a 2016 or 2017? Based on hunting for a 300s in August that is not a bad deal at all. Best offer i got was 309 plus 3000 in fees upfront for a 42.9k msrp. Search forum to see my experience.

It is a very good deal no matter what. Where are you located?

Denver. Every dealership I have been to has been saying these have been the most aggressive leases.

It’s a beautiful car honestly. Pretty much as loaded as they can get. Even has Beats speakers which was a cool thing to see.

I am curious as to the rebates for the S vs the Limited because you would think the residual on the S would be higher causing the payment to be the same roughly despite the price increase.

My opinion i would jump on the car. I think its a great price. If they gave you 10% off and all rebates you would be lower on 300s but dealer has to make a profit. Its a great car and you should jump on it.