Advice for getting out of lease early

Hey guys

Looking for a little insight/advice on getting out of a lease.

We have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude
-Lease ends 7/2020
-Current Mileage 29,xxx (.25 overage)
-Payment $369
-Carvana offer of $24,8xx

Chrysler Capital told me that the buyout price is $27,xxx. The residual on the contact is $23,019. Can the buyout be negotiated based on the residual listed on the contract?

Options I was thinking were

  1. Negotiate buyout (if possible based on contract residual) & sell to Carvana, etc
  2. Swapalease (someone can buyout once lease is up. Is that even possible at this point?)
  3. Ride it out until the end of the term & pay mile overage(8,000-10,000k over) & disposition($400)

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

All options are broken down here. You cannot negotiate a lower buyout. It doesn’t work like that.


All the info you need is in the post above. Only other thing I would say is Verify you got a dealer payoff vs personal payoff. Some automakers include sales tax in your buyout price. Vroom, carmax, carvana, etc… are consider dealers and are not required to pay sales tax.

And every element of this question was discussed in its own post in the past week.

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