Advertised Prices.. discounts not applicable to leases?

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I’m cross-shopping a few leftover MY2018 cars on dealer lots – some of them manufactured in late 2017! – that have some hefty discounts applied to them. I lobbed a (rather aggressive) offer to them that amounted to something like a 22% discount off MSRP. They had it advertised at 19% off already, so hey.

Obviously I don’t expect them to bite immediately, but one got back to me and stated that “I’d need to come in, because the discount advertised online only applied to finance, not leases.”

I feel like this may be a little bit bunk.

Is this common? How do I approach it?

Purchase incentives can differ from lease incentives so that is not abnormal. 2017 models do not have lease support so if you are seeing discounts on them that is strictly for finance. Some brands discountinue lease support earlier than others.

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Thanks for the reply. The vehicles are all MY2018, but manufactured in 2017. So they’ve been sitting for a while.

In this case they’re all '18 VW Alltrack SEL’s. The '19s are just about to hit lots, but there’s a handful of leftover '18s still out there. VW finance puts the MF at .00001, and residual on 36/10 at 53. So not a great residual, but effectively 0% financing.

I know VWs don’t typically lease well, but I figured with a deep enough discount it would be a worthwhile shot.

Seems like it is common for VW dealers. They do the same in DC area. You get highest discounts by going through their “special” financing.

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Thanks for the information. I love this forum.

I threw out offers to one dealer that’s a 10.9 on the calculator, and 11.3 to another. The first one I’m getting a distinct “pound sand” vibe from (“Why don’t you come in and we’ll talk about it”), but the other didn’t immediately balk at it, so there’s hope still!

But are you planning to lease or finance? No point in spending the time if your goal is lease as it sounds they can’t be leased anymore.

Planning to lease, and there’s still lease support for 2018 Alltracks this month (at least according to the Edmunds forums, where I grabbed the February MF and residuals for my proposed lease term from). The 2019 models aren’t yet on lots, so the only things left for customers are 2018s.

If you’ve got evidence they aren’t leasing anymore, I’d of course love to know about it since I don’t waste my time or anyone else’s.


Got one quote back from dealer, it’s atrocious. I guess they’re definitely not willing to approach finance discounts with leases right now, even on stale inventory.

11% discount, $446/mo on an Alltrack that’s been sitting on their lot since at least August :joy:

I’ll just hang out and wait the next Infiniti blowout or spend the same money on a 3-series.

Again, incentives are different for purchase vs. Lease. How can they approach those discounts when incentives might not be there? Not sure what you are trying to achieve but sounds like hey its 2018 car so you should give me that discount.

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They don’t lease well, other than jetta and tiguan the leases are terrible.

Fair enough. It was a shot in the dark more than anything. And today I learned that discounts on MSRP for finance don’t necessarily translate to discounts when leasing, so I’ve got that bit of knowledge I can apply towards future negotiations.

So, yes, part of me assumed that advertising 19% off MSRP for a given vehicle doesn’t mean that there’s 19% off that vehicle for lease.

I had a good lease with a Jetta GLI a few years back, so I can agree there.