Adhesive Tape on Vehicles?

I am slowly moving into my new home and have noticed a few of my old neighbors putting adhesive tape on their vehicles and am wondering if this is a known fad. It appears to be regular transparent Scotch Packaging Tape (not joking). They have it around their doors and trunks. I saw one neighbor put it on their car as I left (I thought I might be seeing something else before). I am just curious if anyone else has witnessed this. Will it not take off the paint once you remove it? These are brand-new vehicles. I am trying to figure out the reasoning. I have never seen it in my life.

Poor man’s duct tape?

Take a picture. But stuff like door edge guards and bumper appliques are a thing with 3M/Xpel paint protection film

Probably another ridiculous TikTok challenge


Is there a lot of petty crime in your area?

Vehicle breakins and stuff?

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Not at all. I live in the safest city in California (for 2022). It is bizarre.


I might have a picture; if not, I will try to take one (not sure how the neighbors would view the act). I just saw another car an hour ago. It is tape. Only on the back doors and trunk, though.

Intact tape means door was never opened? Ripped tape means someone opened the door?

You should probably ask if everyone is doing something bizarre

Moorpark? We neighbors

Sounds like a……sticky situation.

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When I looked it up, I got Danville.

To the OP, that sounds completely crazy. I assume, as you do, that it will damage the paint.

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That must be in the middle of no where :joy:

I have a different guess, one of those superlatives that multiple places claim.

@BPitch if you open Next Door where you are, I suspect you’ll find the answer quickly.

If it’s not 3M Xpel, or cellophane (just weird), or blue painter’s tape, it’s likely to take clear coat and possibly paint with it.

Probably. But if neighbors are doing it, my guess is it infected NextDoor too.


That is my guess. Kinda like how in grade school they would tape the hotel door on the outside to tell if you snuck out at night.

Is it just a simple piece like the photo in this article or the entire door? It sounds like your neighborhood might not be as safe as you think if everyone is worried about their doors being forced open.

Yes, Danville. You are correct.

@jeisensc Good idea. I will try Nextdoor. I signed up and used it for a bit but did not find anything concerning. However, I found a lot of posts that had nothing to do with crime but opinions, so I deleted the account.

The entire doors and trunks.

Is there a reason you can’t just ask your friendly neighbor?


No habla? :cowboy_hat_face:


I stay to myself. I only speak to one neighbor. But there is a language barrier as well.

That’s why I like the cul de sac, you see the neighbors more often and get to know them.