Add leather or find a model with it?

Hi Everyone, I am looking at a 2017 Grand Cherokee and found the vehicle and pricing I want, but the vehicle doesn’t have leather. Does it make more sense for a lease to have the dealer add it (about $1k), or find a similar model (at a significantly higher cost) with leather? Thanks in advance.

As a dealer-added option, you would be paying the full $1000 over the lease (about $30/month).

If you leased one with leather with a higher MSRP, then you would have to do the math. If the MSRP is $2000 more and the vehicle has an RV of 50%, then it would come out to about the same (you are paying 50% of the $2000 compared to 100% of the $1000).

Thank you! …

In the GM lease workbook, the dealer can add to MSRP for dealer installed add-ons. There is a set price for various items. It has to be an OEM accessory.

Well I just looked and there are several items but leather is not one. Jeep may or may not be different.