Add BMW Acq waiver (similar to GM) to calc


Since we’ve seen situations recently with a strong dealer discount + good incentives that an acquisition fee waiver in lieu of higher MF is beneficial, suggestion to add the acq fee waiver checkbox to BMW calcs similar to how it’s done with GM.

Waiving acq fee bumps MF by .00050.

I think BMWFS also does a 1 pay discount, but can’t confirm what the reduction is, as people have reported .00030, .00040 and even nothing. @Samson, @bmw_dave, @aronchi, @nyclife do any of you know what the MSD reduction is on 1 pay (assuming FS still does it with the return of MSDs)?



it’s 30 points

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Already added the BMW Acquisition Fee Waiver to the calculator update, though we are leaving BMW’s one-pay option out because MSD is a better way to go.


Makes sense…except in NY it may be beneficial due to NY not allowing MSDs greater than $749.

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That’s right. We added the one-pay feature in. Hoping to roll out the calculator update soon!

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