Add 18k lease option to calc

I don’t know where to ask this - but can you guys please add 18K to your lease calculators? as an example, a Sport 2020 CX5 incrementally from 10K to 12K to 15K averages about $15.00 a month (for that car, zero down, 36 months) which would reason that 18K miles a year would add another $15 a month. It would be nice to see the numbers from an 18K drop-down menu option instead of winging it. This is notwithstanding the residual value.

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  1. Not all lenders allow 18k
  2. It isn’t a flat $15/mo. For most lenders, residual drops 1% going from 10k to 12k and another 2% to go from 12k to 15k. 1% on a $100k car is much much different than 1% on a $20k car. 15k to 18k is quite possibly another 2%, but, again, it will depend on car/lender.
  3. The number of miles you plug into the calculator is irrelevant. You need to enter the proper residual.

Typically, anything over 15k, you pay a flat $ per mile. Each captive is different in what they charge. I believe there may be a captive or 2 that does 18k leases by adjusting RV down, but not sure. In other words, this would be a logistical nightmare to add to the calc.


This is actually winging it.

You need to put in the right RV to get it right.

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The mileage amount in the calculator is pretty much irrelevant anyway. It’s up to you to make sure you have the correct residual value in the calculator, be it for 10, 12, 15, or 18.