Acura TLX lease

Leased a V6 w tech package yesterday for $425 a month for 3 yrs (12k miles a yr ) in SoCal. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks,

What was the MSRP and drive-off amount? Initial thought is that $425 sounds alittle high though.

That sounds a little too high, which dealership?

Msrp was $40,850, along w another $795 in options. Drive off amount was $684 (includes 425 and acquisition fee- 300 trade in).

Good deal? Not really. Rip off? Not really. It’s a very average deal. Enjoy the car.

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Tried other dealerships, price matched w Riverside. Acura of Cerritos.

Appreciate your feedback, just for my education what would have a better deal as this was my first time leasing a car?

You didn’t list the important info, so we can’t even fully evaluate the deal.

You should have read up on leasing a car and what a good deal is considered. If it had met the 1% rule, it would have been considered a good lease. You could have gotten a Q50 for much less I believe. It would have made much more sense to ask BEFORE you signed the paperwork if it was a good deal. Considering that you are in a commitment for the next 3 years, it’s a good thing that you got an average/okay deal and didn’t get totally ripped off. Next time, read up here and ask questions before leasing. The time you invest will save you a lot of money.

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Thanks, had read the forum and knew about the 1% rule. Unfortunately was trying to post yesterday evening, but was not able to locate the new topic link. The Acura we had for the last 13 yrs served us well, and hence the decision to stick with them. Q50 are equally good cars, though hv not owned one, and hence the decision. Anyway, it seems to be better than the awd, which did not have a smooth transmission.

So put simply, you had a $41.6k MSRP TLX, 36/12, around $1k drive off (before your $300 cap cost reduction with the trade in) @ $425 a month. As Jon said, the deal is ok, even better for a first lease but there was probably a lot more juice to squeeze on the deal. With that said, enjoy!