Acura tlx base $345 a month 36 mo 12k per year 0 DAS

Hi I wanted to get an opinion if I can push the dealer a little bit more
Acura Tlx base 4 cylinder for $345 a month 36 months 12k miles everything rolled in 0 DAS
I am in Nj
I have loyalty… I checked on Edmonds for any other incentives that i might qualify for but i think that’s it…
I asked the dealer for the exact MSRP, MF and selling price but I haven’t heard back yet…
Anything else I should be asking the dealer?
Cheapest I found anywhere else was $365 all rolled in.

Any thoughts?

I think that is pretty good. I went into Acura at the end of July browsing. Really was looking for AWD and the RDX is not in my budget. Was offered $289 0 down , plus taxes dmv bank and first payment, TLX. In New York the tax is 8.75 (more or less), new plates and other DMV is $150 plus about $210, bank fee is $600 or so (not sure) plus first payment, so add that up, add the MF and divide by 36 and add it to what I was offered and you get a rough idea of what I was offered compares.

They are selling them out because the model is changing so you should be able to get a deal

I’ve been pushing this hard in my area (Missouri), and I’ve been stopped at about $355/month including 9.1% monthly sales tax on the same car (base TLX $34k MSRP). Seems tough to get them lower - have contacted several dealers. I’m at a net cap cost of $25,575, including $500 conquest and acquisition fee. If any brokers with a better deal see this post, please dm me.

I think NJ sales tax is much lower so they may be equivalent. What other fees are there on your leases like a document fee, in some states like NY it is $125 ($75 dealer and $50 DMV) plus 12.50 tires, 10 inspection and whatever the actual registration, around $210 depending on weight. In other states like NJ the dealer can add a few hundred in doc fees or so I have been told

Also my deal had conquest in it too $500

@aspec1 see this post for a NJ customer interested in a base TLX

I just worked with @aspec1 for a close friend in ny and I have to say it was very simple, easy and enjoyable.

Did anyone not see this post and do a little search before hand???

not a good deal. Mid 300s for a base tlx thats being retired in only months?? Absolutely not.

Thanks for the lead
I’ll reach out and see what he can offer me

I saw that

  1. Its CA and I am in NJ
  2. Its for 7.5k and I’m looking for 12k

Sales are very regional. I spoke to a dealer in Florida who originally said he could ship to New York on a Mazda CX5. His prices sounded good and they are, I would have taken them but when he put in the New York promotions it was the same as what I could get here which was not exciting.

As he said he needs12k and for each step up that adds about $5-15 a month or more depending on brand (just priced a Honda it is priced at $.10 per mile ahead of time, Acura may vary, you have to ask, it is a number on the deal sheet that they may or may not show you). Finally the deal you posted is $280 plus tax, so that at minimum is $310 (guessing on tax, could be less) which is a nice deal sure but when you add in the additional miles (which I calculate at $37.50 per month without interest but you need to know the actual amount, I am speculating) it increases quite a bit,doing this on the back of an envelope, so do the math comparing Cal tax to NJ and the mileage. The So Cal may actually be equivalent but poster needs to do the math.

I have not really priced Acura, just spent 20 minutes at the dealership and this is what I walked out with and I did not follow up. Also, in metro NY it is more difficult than usual to get cars. I have walked into at least two dealerships in the last week, not Acura, one of whom really tried to sell me a car two years ago when I was shopping and came close to the best deal (ended with a different brand) who basically said they were not interested in my business if I was looking for a deal (my words not theirs) because someone else will buy it next week at a better price. One deal was on the Rogue which will also be restyled next month (I don’t care, buying transportation not prestige). Contacted a dealership that I bought from two years ago, high volume, they have not even gotten back to me on a lease price on a RAV4 and it has been since the beginning of the week and I am a repeat customer. And I really needed to buy a car before this weekend which I did, yesterday, obviously not there! So I was not going into the dealerships only to shop