Acura on-line purchasing

Received this e-mail yesterday (couldn’t fit the whole thing in one screenshot). I’m sure you’re not going to get a leasehackr deal through this method, but it’s an interesting approach. Are other makes doing this?

“Acura of your dreams”



Saw this on BMW’s website.

IMO, it is just a marketing gimmick. This new car buying model will apply to folks who don’t like buying a new car the old fashioned way. Some folks don’t want be emailing back and forth for a dealer’s “best price”.

:: shakes marketing copy writer ::

“It’s a fancy Honda - reign it in”

I don’t know, I think it’s the dealerships that don’t want to be doing that. Dealers have an advantage when you are in the store. Most people have limited time to visit multiple dealerships and they can bully you in F&I. If you have email threads going with different dealers that’s about the worst case situation for dealers trying to hold gross. If anyone has time to try these systems out if love to know how they work. My guess is it’s no different than before pandemic era. You email a dealership and they will try to get you to come in or offer you a bad deal. Then MAYBE they engage with you when you try to negotiate.

GM does it. They just don’t market it well, and you’re paying full price less incentives.

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