Acura Money Factor - Texas

Wow - this site is incredible. I have been leasing cars like an idiot for about 10 years now. Thanks to everybody for sharing their expertise.

I am starting the process on a new vehicle - thinking either the Acura MDX or TLX. My time frame is either the end of this month (July 2019) or next month.

My question: I believe that this is the time that new model years start rolling out. Does Acura historically lower their MF during this time? Is their a better time to lease?


I’ve been going after Acura dealers in SoCal in the last two weeks (during which I found this site). In SoCal I’m told consistently for MDX the MF is 0.00225, seemed most dealers are willing to put in at least a 23%-24% discount, not sure what rebates though.

Rumor has it the 2020 MDX interior will be redesigned, many hate that dual screen panel, probably something like RDX’s will be in 2020 MDX.

Similarly, Lexus and Highlander both are due for CarPlay in 2020 models, not sure about Infinity. Many cars are going through the “Tesla Effect” rushing modifying to their Infotainment systems in this couple years. I won’t be surprised there will be a lot good deal towards the end of model year from now on due to the rapid Infotainment evolution expected.

I was told redesigned MDX interior will arrive mid-2020 as 2021 Model.

I think Acura went to a standard MF across their entire line in May and adjusted incentives to stay payment neutral. I don’t think anyone can predict whether it goes up or down.