Acura MDX AWD w/ Tech Package

Hey there,

I’ve been asking around about the 2019 Acura MDX still, and I posted a deal before but this time asked more questions. The sell price seems pretty good, but I don’t think this is a great lease deal (despite what the dealer is telling me), but this time around I had enough sense to ask for the MF and RV. I tried plugging the #'s into the leasehackr calculator, and can’t quite get these numbers to look right in there. What am I missing here? Any thoughts on this?

Retail Price: $52,695.00
Savings: $10,000.00
Selling Price: $42,695.00
Options: $922.95 (some luxury package, nitrogen, wheel locks, tint, etc. [I’d probably try to haggle this])
Sub-Total: $43,617.95
Fees: $369.00 (Deputy, Doc Fee, Electronic Filing, Inspection, License, Processing & handling, road & bridge, Title)
Sales Tax: $2,820.55 (6.2500 State Tax + .2165% Dealers Inventory Tax)
Net Sales Price: $46,807.50

Residual Value: $26,874.00
Money Factor: .002

Term: 39MO, 15K Miles/Year:
Option 1: Down payment of 672.25, monthly $672.25
Option 2: Down payment of $2,500.00, monthly $620.29
Option 3: Down payment of $4,500.00, monthly $563.44

I plugged all of the numbers in to the calculator and the only way I could get close to the monthly payments was by bumping the residual to .004, although the dealer said it’s definitely .002 and they can’t change that.

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