Acura MDX AWD w/ Tech or Advanced package - $12,500 off MSRP

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I’ve never leased before, so this is all very new to me. I usually finance, but in this case it seems like the deal is too good to pass up?

The dealer is saying that they’re offering $12500 off 2019 Acura MDX with either Tech or Advance package. They gave me the below numbers for an Acura MDX AWD w/ Tech package priced at $52,695 MSRP, $40,195 after discount (plus fees). It feels like even if I wanted to purchase this vehicle at the end of the lease term it would end up being less if I financed it(since the incentives are no where near $12,500). Is it possible to just pay for the lease amount in a lump sum up front and reduce interest? Is this all too good to be true or am I missing something? Thanks for your help!

36 month lease

16,000 miles per year
$1000 cash – 646 per month
$2000 cash – 615 per month
$3000 cash – 584 per month

17,500 miles per year
$1000 cash – 658 per month
$2000 cash – 626 per month
$3000 cash – 596 per month

Ask them for the full lease worksheet. You are getting 12k off yet the payments seem high. Just because they discounted by 12k doesn’t mean they didn’t add in a ton of extras which cuts back on the discount.

I agree this deal is fishy.

Awesome, thanks for the advice.I’ll do that!

Where is this?

Those also seem like odd mileage allowances…? Not the typical 10,12, 15k. Maybe there’s a larger mileage penalty for going higher…

I did tell them that the standard miles allowed probably wouldn’t work for me, so I guess that’s why they came back with the larger allowances (which I didn’t know was possible on a lease).

I asked for a lease worksheet and here is the info they provided…I’m not sure if it’s much more than what they originally gave me though (but in a more formal format):

MSRP: 52,695
Locks Tint Nitor DEF Reistall: 989
Discount: 11,500
Sales Pirice Sub-Total: 42,184
Tax: 2,574
Tag & Title Fees: 235.25
Documentary Fee: 180
Rebate: 1000
Balance Forward: 44,768.25

36 Months
Cash Down: 1000, Monthly: 647
Cash Down: 2000, Monthly 616
Cash Down: 3000, Monthly 584

He also gave me a 1 pay lease option, saying the above sales information was still the same, with the total lease amount being the follows:

Taxes: 506.21
Fees: 1051
Rebate: 1000
Total One Pay (36 Months @ 594.18): 21,448.48
Residual Amount(the same as above he said): 27,628.35

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A good rule of thumb is NEVER trust any dealer that adds AFTERMARKET garbage…tint, lojack, “trucoat” :slight_smile:

And unless you’ve done this before or are a good negotiator and can say no, you will end up with a much higher lease after the “finance” guy is done with you. These are the smoothest, best salespeople…they prey on your fears (as does all insurance) and your desire to finalize the deal (easier to say yes than no).

Most people, on average, should use a good car broker. Not only will the average person save money, but tons of time too.

You need to know money factor and residual value since it’s a nonstandard amount. Also confirm it’s Acura Financial is the bank. It’s really obnoxious to add almost $1K is dealer add-ons.

Payment seems very high as these MDXs have consistently around $425/month since November. Even if 16K was 54% residual, it would be like $465/month before tax based the numbers below.

Thank you all for the help and advice. I decided not to bite on this one!

Hey there,

I’ve been asking around about the 2019 Acura MDX still, and I posted a deal before but this time asked more questions. The sell price seems pretty good, but I don’t think this is a great lease deal (despite what the dealer is telling me), but this time around I had enough sense to ask for the MF and RV. I tried plugging the #'s into the leasehackr calculator, and can’t quite get these numbers to look right in there. What am I missing here? Any thoughts on this?

Retail Price: $52,695.00
Savings: $10,000.00
Selling Price: $42,695.00
Options: $922.95 (some luxury package, nitrogen, wheel locks, tint, etc. [I’d probably try to haggle this])
Sub-Total: $43,617.95
Fees: $369.00 (Deputy, Doc Fee, Electronic Filing, Inspection, License, Processing & handling, road & bridge, Title)
Sales Tax: $2,820.55 (6.2500 State Tax + .2165% Dealers Inventory Tax)
Net Sales Price: $46,807.50

Residual Value: $26,874.00
Money Factor: .002

Term: 39MO, 15K Miles/Year:
Option 1: Down payment of 672.25, monthly $672.25
Option 2: Down payment of $2,500.00, monthly $620.29
Option 3: Down payment of $4,500.00, monthly $563.44

I plugged all of the numbers in to the calculator and the only way I could get close to the monthly payments was by bumping the residual to .004, although the dealer said it’s definitely .002 and they can’t change that.

Post your calculator link

Oops, I didn’t realize I could do that! Here’s what I came up with…I must be missing something:

To start with with zeroed out the acq fee, can’t do that. You also need to add all the bs addons to the price. What state are you in for tax purposes? Ask them for a lease sheet or screen shot of the deal with the mf clearly stated if you still can’t get the calculator to jive

I’m in Texas (I put the sales tax percents in the original post). This was the sheet they gave me, the written numbers supposedly are the RV and the MF. I got something similar from another dealer? Are there other numbers they should be giving me as well? (Such as the acquisition fee)

Pretty sure with Texas you need to use the center tax button on the calculator, also use the $43k price as the sales price and put the $595 acq fee back in. I think it’s still off so I suspect the mf is inflated.

Do NOT accept any dealer add-ons… they are pure profit for the dealer and you are paying the full price across the terms of the lease, so about $30/month. You could get $2K+ more of options instead since you are only paying for the depreciation in that scenario.

Ahhh…thanks. Included a link to the updated calc below. Still doesn’t quite add up, does it? What does an inflated MF mean? How do I determine that? I did confirm that it was the # above, and he insisted they can’t change that.

Good advice! I did plan on trying to negotiate that, but even with that removed it doesn’t quite add up to their monthly payments. I’m trying to figure out how they arrive at these numbers?

Did you get exact numbers for your area from Edmunds including RV, MF, and incentives? Looks like there is strong lease cash available on the MDX ($6,250 in some markets) so their discount may not be as good as you think. Don’t rely on the dealer for this.