Acura MDX and RLX lease information


I have one car whose lease is ending and another ending in July that I would like to get out of early (mileage is high a 2014 MDX).
Acura has a pretty good lease loyalty and lease mileage sharing program…so, I thoguht I might see if I can lease 2 acura’s. One to replace the car at end of lease now (infiniti) and one to get me out of the lease with high mileage.

SO, I will be asking for several things.
RV, MF and incentives foreach car…

I am in south FLorida 33433.
Interested in Acura MDX with advanced package…interested in 12k and 15 36 month leases.
Also interested in the RLX in both SH_AWD (not sure available yet) and normal trim but both outfitted with advanced package.

Thank you very much!!!