Acura MDX and MSD

Hi all,

I’m looking at the 2022 Acura MDX and have been emailing sales at various local dealerships to see if they have lease quotes available yet.

They gave me a quote of $469/36mos/$3,999 down plus tax and fees for base and estimated high $500’s with the same money down.

Nothing on paper, just quick emails.

My question is when asking if the 4K can be put as an MSD instead of a down payment, they said Acura doesn’t do MSD’s.

Just want to know if this is true before reaching out to more dealers.


Acura/honda does not offer MSDs

$700/mo+ sounds like an awful lot of money for an mdx. it’s going to be a while before these lease well.


Do your own calculations before reaching out to dealers. Go to Edmunds to see if they have MF/RV and calculate based on that. Most likely, there will be little to no discount or manufacturer incentive when the new MDX first arrives on dealer lots.

The question is: Can you wait to get a car? Do you need a MDX? Do you need a MDX immediately?

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more then alot,
should be around $450

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Thanks for that info. Now I know.

Edmunds doesn’t have the calculations yet as it’s not in dealerships until 2/02.

Thought the 22 MDX looks like nice option but not to overpay on the lease.

No, don’t need an MDX but do need something that can seat 6. I turned in my Highlander lease and am borrowing a relatives 4 runner until I can land something.

Wait. Within 4 months it should have incentives. I dont consider leases on fairly new launched models.

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Based on what? The 2022 MDX just came out.


Based on? These aren’t going to be near $450 for at least a couple years.

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Volvo XC90 might be a good option.

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Just forget about the 2022 MDX. Find a 2020 or look thru the forum at what else is leasing well right now

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I’m thinking so as well. Going to test drive on Wednesday.

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It’s always like this on new model first few months, When I looked at new Yukon they wanted 1200…
after 3 months it was back down under 800…
MDX Deal

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