Acura lease help

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Base Acura V6 FWD
MSRP: $ 37,595
Monthly Payment: $ 304
Drive-Off Amount: $ first payment title plates
Month / mileage: 36/10
MF: .00215
Residual: 53 / 52
Incentives: $7100
Region: Illinois Midwest

Does this seem like good deal or should I go for better one? Is there conquest on this if so how much couldn’t find it.

Helps to at least tell us what kind of car it is


Why? Just ask if he checked MF/RV/Incentives on Edmunds :grin:

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Well that’s the next question. Haha. Although at least they’re itemized here

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Isnt that the MF with a security deposit?

TLX sorry. TLx is only one that comes with 3.5L V6 to my knowledge

No security deposit on deal.

MDX and RLX both do as well

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You got me on RLX but MDX is suv this sedan forum.

What’s the selling price?

33,000 so 12.2 percent off

12% pre-incentive is pretty much inline with what you should target for an aggressive deal.

There should also be a $750 conquest (and $500 college grad). At least there is on the west coast per autobytel

Ok thanks for your help.