Acura ILX A-Spec Technology Package, good deal?

This is my first time leasing a vehicle and this has been the deal provided to me for the A-Spec package. The Leasehackr score is 7.1 when I put this numbers in the calculator.

MSRP with Destination : $32,545
Dealer ADDs : $1,454
Discount : $6,500
NET Price : 27,499
Residual @ 36 months : $18,225.20 (0.56)
Money Factor : 0.00225

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Not sure what the buy rate MF is, but that MF is horrifying. Discount is decent, but there’s some data missing, like payment, unless I missed it.

Are you married to Acura or open to other makes? Other brands will for sure offer better value as far as payment vs MSRP.


Acura is all standard rates with lease cash now. So the MF is no longer competitive. The lease cash should be giving you a larger discount than what you’re showing. But maybe it’s the add ons. What are they adding for nearly $1500?

I have requested more information on the dealer adds because I have no clue what is either.

I’m definitely not married into Acura’s. I just want a great lease on a sporty car with monthly payments under $400.

I was offered a $420 a month on a loaner s60 t5 and have also considered getting a used 2016 Lexus IS300 (40k miles) for 23k which I find extremely expensive!

I’d recommend sniffing out BMW for deals. Even if the same cost, you’re getting a ton more car than a FWD generation-back Civic in a cocktail dress.

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The ILX is an underwhelming car, and I’m a Acura/Honda fan. If you want sporty I would look at other options.


for reference, in MA I was able to get $275 per month all in (fees,reg, taxes) for 36/12k on a base ILX (26,900 sticker). 1st payment at signing.

Just a quick note- I tested an ILX the other day and one of the biggest drawbacks for me was the roominess. It felt like it was too cramped for my legs to be comfortable while driving, especially for longer trips. Not sure how tall you are but I’m 5’11” and it was enough to make me cross it off the list.