Accord LX lease help please. please look at these quotes. Also a Ford fusion

So im looking to lease a full size car, dont care too much which one. Accord, Camery, Fusion, Ect…

I live in NC. Found a dealer in Milwaukee with this ad:
which is offering $0 down, $187 per month, plus tax, tag, ect…not sure what that really comes out to.

I am trying to get a local dealer to offer something close. so far this is what i have gotten. what do you more experienced people think?

  1. need to find out what taxes, tags, doc fee are
    $223 a month would be in addition to the fees(taxes, tags, doc fee). The lease breakdown would be as follows:
    MSRP: 23,840
    CAP COST: 20,240
    MONEY FACTOR: .00028%, this is with approved credit and zero down
    RESIDUAL: 56%

2.-they say they can match the offer, but want $1199 down, and saying that is what the link i provided will also want…?

Thank you for your email and for the information! The disclosure on the Milwaukee Honda dealer is this: New 2016 Accord LX Sedan AT. 36 month/36K miles lease to approved credit. No security deposit or down payment or first payment to well-qualified buyers. Plus tax, title, license, and $219 service fee extra. Buyers must qualify. Dealer not responsible for typos or omissions. Offers not valid on previous purchases. Wisconsin Residents Only. Expires 7/31/16… The taxes, title, license, and fees +$219 are not included in the deal. I have done the math and your taxes, tags, fees (inception fees) come to $980.39 on the lease + $219 is the first payment down option of $1199.39. With that amount down, I can match the offer that they have given of $187/month lease for 36k miles/36 months. The 2017s are due to be here this week so the 2016 inventory that is out there is going to dwindle fast, especially given the current incentives that Honda is offering.

I emailed back and asked about rolling the $1199 into payments and this was there response:
In a lease- for every $1000 down, it’s approximately $30/month in payment. With $0 out of pocket, your payment would be $222.59. I actually made a huge mistake on the last lease that I sent to you. However, this is at no fault to you so we will honor the payment. This does have to be on an in-stock Honda Accord, though. Please let me know if you have any other questions and thank you again for your consideration.
—$222 including taxes seems to be a decent deal. Thoughts?

is the second option above really the same as the link to the milwaukee one i posted, but with the fees like they say?

Also here is a Ford fusion quote a got. they want $345 per month which to me does not add up
$23,780 MSRP Price
$ 1,552 Dealer Discount
$ 2,500 Factory Rebate
$21,800.25 Cap Cost
2.5 Rate with 45% Residual Factor (you may qualify for a lower rate, but until I can verify credit I cannot be sure).
$0 Money Down (most advertised leases require $2000 to $3000 down to get a $200.00 per month payment. The fine print below the advertisement would tell you that).
$345-$348 per month. If you put $3,000 down (or trade-in equity), and got a lower rate, you would be at $259 per month or less.


You should look into Kia optima hybrid. There’s 9k lease cash for NC I believe. Could be a pretty sweet deal if you can get the sale price around $23k

I emailed my local kia dealer, and waiting for a response.
Can you tell me exactly what incentives those are to come to the $9K? I am trying to find those incentives online, but dont see them.


one of the dealer is telling me there is $2500 off incentive, which is the same thing i am seeing on the main kia website… where can i find off of these other lease cash incentives?


He is probably given you the finance incentive rather than the lease incentive. The lease incentive on a Optima Hybrid EX is $7000.00 for 24 months. Here is the link and you can play with the months to see the incentives.

thanks twintowers. I see it now!

Yeahitsme, how are you coming up with the $9000 in lease cash?


The 2 best quotes I have are on an Accord and Sonata. Both base models. $0 drive off, $222 per month, 36 months.

Suggestions on which to get considering the same price?

Honda Accord hands down!

It seems everyone loves the Honda sense system, so maybe worth the extra $$$ to get an Accord with that option.

Any chance you looked into the accord sport , one step above the LX

Have not looked at the sport, if it is a worthwhile Upgrade and only a little more, I’ll look into it.
What do you like about it compared to the lx?

Edit: looks like the sport is about $3k more. I think that means about $$90 more per month. I do like the upgrades, but for an additional $90 per month (assuming my ball park math is correct), I think the Lx would be a better fit

Check out the latest forum topic and compare your costs

Actual MSRP difference is only $2060. After factor in the residual and misc calculations, you’re only going to pay about $25 more per month.