Accord EX's + Touring 1.5s in SoCal -

Removed deals - have link now.

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Thank you for this! May I ask where in SoCal? Also do you have a similar breakdown for the 1.5 Sports?

removed deals, have link now

This is going to be a tough crowd sir. You may have to get a little creative.

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When I sing karaoke I perform ‘Time of my Life’ by Jennifer Warnes + Bill Medley…I would sing the male part in a male voice and the female part in a female voice. That is pretty creative.


You’re quite a character. :call_me_hand:

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I like this person. In for the posts.

Wow, 20% off on the Touring. That looks like a steal.

Does Honda allow you to publicly post below-invoice deals? I know the Toyota folks have to make spreadsheets available only upon request.

I like me too. me great

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Nah but I will do it until some nerds report me and then I will make a spreadsheet. I actually want to do that next month - not every deal will be amazing but it can at least provide a no-hassle deal/starting-point for people.

Yes the Touring deal is pretty aggressive.

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Regarding the Touring, some will probably say “I can get a C-Class loaner for less!” But with the Accord, at least you can see where you’re going (LED headlights), it will drive itself in traffic (Honda Sensing), and kiddos in the back can’t kick your seat (legroom!).


Sure someone can get a Mercedes if they want a Mercedes. With most luxury vehicles it will be more expensive monthly based on fuel/insurance/maintenance.

What about this compared to the infiniti QX50 which is going for $294?

If everyone only cared for the “best deal,” we’d all be driving only Infiniti’s.


I fear that if I hit the wrong button while driving the QX50 I would accidentally time-travel. Changing one small thing in the past can drastically alter the future.


Also does it include Accord and Clarity?

Does not include Clarity. We are sold out.


Will you do any deals outside of SoCal? Shipping?

California only, pick-up or local delivery only. We have too many potential fraud issues with delivering up in NorCal - also the customer would have to take on the freight charges.

Please share link