About to try to get a 2019 xc90 T5 R design lease numbers

To fellow leasehackrs, I would like your opinion if these numbers are possible in SoCal for 2019 XC90 T5 R design. What discount is more realistic.

Hard to say. You’ll want to separate the pre incentives discount from the incentives.

11-12% pre incentives is a good place to target

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Yeah, I used the 12% with $4k r design+ $1k lease inc and $k Costco. Which turns out to $46k. I’ve seen numbers here and most of them are around 10%. What should I do to get that 12% off. Any tips? @mllcb42

What justification do you give the dealer for giving you another 5-7 percent discount off of the MSRP that goes beyond the ~5% off for invoice pricing. Is that dealer cash/holdback/ or some other incentive that we don’t know about that we can try to grab?

I’m just trying to figure out the pot that the dealer’s are going into so that I can grab that extra discount. Because you know that the dealer is going to say, “Invoice price is the price that I pay for the car” (they always say that as justification for not moving below invoice pricing) and I need a foolproof retort to that nonsense phrase.

I agree, I will try to push the envelope here and see how much will they budge. I’ll present them the number and see how it goes. 99.9% of them will say no anyways but I will just plant the seed and see the result. I have til the end of the month anyways and in no rush. Also, I’ve been thinking, should I go for the T6 inscription or R design instead of the T5 r design?

Your justification is easy “this is what I’m willing to pay”

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Email them about a specific stock number. Tell them what price you want and that you can come down that day to do the deal at those terms. Some dealers will just say no. Some will counter offer. You’ll have to try a few dealers.

@mllcb42 that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. Checking all their stock and pick which one I like. Seems like the R-design and inscription gets the $4k but I’m seeing $1750 instead of the $1000 now. hmmmmm…

You’ll need to go on to Volvos build site and build one of each trim configuration, then use the estimate my payments option to plug in your zip code to verify the incentives for each trim level. You can use that data to help determine which trim to target for the best deal.

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@mllcb42 thanks for the tip. I just checked and it didn’t show the additional $1750 dealer participation. But this is from Rusnakpasadenavolvo, Dealer Offer

Dealer Allowance: $1,750 cash allowance on select Volvo models

Applies to select new 2019 Volvo XC90.Offer valid 6/1/2019 through 7/1/2019

and this is the sample link


Interesting. Email Chris Harrison at rusnak and ask for the details. I’ve leased several Volvos through him and he’s also been straight forward with me.

Thanks @mllcb42 I just saw that last night when I was browsing.

I think you are in a good position to push for 12% pre-incentives considering the end of the quarter is coming along as well as the end of the Costco program (I’ve got to think that the dealers know sales will dry up after this). The other tool I’ve used for negotiation is Cargurus, it will show you how long cars have been listed for sale. You can even sort by listing age.

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Thank you @Kalmaraz

It looks like the $4k and $1750 are both for financing, not leasing though, right?

$1,750 is on purchase, that’s what dealers show. You can click Financing tab on Volvo payment estimator and it will show you this $1,750

Also I’m not seeing any XC90 T5 R-Design with that low of an MSRP?

@MashBoss yup, only for purchase. There’s only 1 at Culver City Volvo with $59130 MSRP. That was a typo. I just tried the seat of the R design, I’m not a fan of it.

Preferred T6 R des over the T5

MF: .00115
15) Term: 36

  1. License Fee: $ 607.00

  2. Lease Institution: VFL 18) Doc Tax: 9.5000%

  3. Stock Number: VX191245 19) CapTax1 Rt/Amt: 9.5000% $ 95.00

  4. M.S.R.P.: $ 63,190.00 20) Ttl UpFrt Fees (W): $ 38.75

  5. L.E.V. Rt/Amt: 59.00%$ 37,282.10 21) Acq Fee Tax: 9.5000%

  6. Mileage Window: Base Monthly Rental: $ 506.75

  7. CASH PRICE:      $   51,750. 00  22) Mnthly Use Tax 9.5000% $     48.81
  8. Cap Reduction: $ 1,000.00 23) Ttl Mnthly Payment: $ 555.00

  9. Ttl Add To Cap (W): $ 1,080.00

  10. We Owes (Accessories: 24) 1 Pay Amt:

  11. ServCont/Maint(W): 25) First Payment Date: 07/26/19

  12. Trade Window.:

  13. Rebate: $ 1,000.00 26) DRIVE OFF: $ 2,222.00

    ADJ Cap Cost: $ 52,080.00 27) Customer Cash Down: $ 1,222.00

    Total Cap Reduction: $ 1,000.00 28) Total Working Cash: $ 2,222.00


So it’s $555.00 incl tax for 12k/36months
$1,222.00 DAS

I might not get it

Still seems good to me?