About to sign next few hours...advice! infiniti q50 3.0

have 2 deals lined up. which would you do??? can i do better?
39 month leases:
2016 q50 3.0 premium
$41k msrp
$1,000 out of pocket
$250 including tax a month.
10k miles

or $43,300 msrp
$1,000 out of pocket
$289 including tax.
10k miles.


good deals both of them. Your choice - depends on which options the 43k one has.

What part of the country are you in? Can you share all the numbers after you close?


They are both excellent deals for a $40k+ car. I think the $250/month one is considerably better though. For the extra $2,300 in options you are paying $1,521 or 66% of the cost over the life of the lease. If you really want that one I would see if you can get them down a bit or if you plan on keeping the car after the lease it’s not the biggest deal. Otherwise I’d opt for the $250/month option.

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Yes please share area of deal, what year?, And full numbers. I am currently looking at this car, would like to get one. Any deals down here in SoCal?

I agree, these options costing you a lot. I am also interested to know the lease structures. I think you did great job.

Any update? Anyone in SoCal with any lease deal? What are the numbers should I be looking for we seeking lease deal?

What dealer was this found at?