About to sign EQS AMG - Would appreciate feedback on deal

Hi everyone, basically it’s a 159k car 36/7500 $1700 drive off 1256+tax. Too high? I think it’s ‘only’ 16% off. Would appreciate thoughts quickly :slight_smile:

That sounds about right. See if you can stack on penfed/amex unless they stopped that this month?

Have you looked into a 13 month lease? Might be better

I did not and will ask 1st thing in am. Is this a great deal or just good? I keep seeing 17-18% off thrown around here for the eqs but hit a brick wall when asked for more. For penfed I would imagine I need an account with them?

My apologies if this has been mentioned before, what are the current incentive stacks for AMEX and PenFed account holders?

$4,500 and it doesn’t stack. One or the other

Current MF is 0.00112, not 0.0006. How did you get this information?

Only on EVs, or anything vehicle in the lineup?

Hmmm it auto populates in the calculator plus it’s been shared to me by several dealers

The calculator also auto-populates a MBFS lease acquisition fee of $795, but it should be $1,095. I don’t think the LH calculator should be relied upon too much.

Definitely not 0.0006

$4,500 on EQS, $2,500 on EQE and EQB
$1,250 on C-Class
$500 on E-Class

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What is the current RV on 13 months or did MB stop those?

ok I will adjust and increase the discount… I wasn’t given the actual # just the otd price

Don’t forget acq fee is $1095, doc fee is $85 and there is registration in CA which for this car is roughly $1400.

Looks like one of our deals, you’re getting a lot more than “just 16%” :slight_smile:

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65% on 13/7.5k

Wow that tanked big time from August!

Yeah, the 13 month programs never made sense to begin with. Like that red EQS you leased was around the same time as mine. The residual was being propped up, so the entire lease structure was a rent charge. Like you’d have to capitalize some fees just to keep the depreciation from going negative.

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I mean EQS for low 500s was great! lol

Haven’t signed yet, maybe today. Anyone here thinks I should wait till Dec and lease closer to year end? There are currently 28 EQS AMGs in my 100mi radius and I just don’t see them all selling this month…

MF will remain the same