About to send out emails on 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

NYC area here.

Looking for current MF and residual for 36/12 on the JGC Limited 4X4.

Also hoping to get some clarity on rebates/cash available. If I am looking correctly, there is $2,000 cash on the Grand Cherokee, as well as $1,750 lease cash. Can those be stacked for $3,750?

Also, if we currently lease another car from another manufacturer (thanks to you guys for the heads up on a great 2016 Genesis deal), we can get another $1,000, for $4,750 total right?

Thanks in advance for the help/info anyone can provide!

Check the fine print on the rebates/incentives because they sometimes only apply if you lease from an outside lender (ie: Ally, US Bank, etc).

Ok, right. I see that. Odd that they are so reliant on outside leasing companies.

2016 Grand Cherokee 4WD Limited (Chrysler Capital) in NY

36/12K: 57% residual, .00089 MF
All: $1,500 lease cash
Targeted: $1,000 lease conquest/loyalty, $500 military

Thanks! Let me see if I can make something happen in the next couple of days.

I wasn’t able to get anything done by 8/31, but am still in the market. I am seeing $500 Bonus Cash for Labor Day on the Grand Cherokee. Do you know yet if the rest of the rebates and the MF/residual stayed the same for September?

Thanks in advance for all you do here and have a good Labor Day.

Leasename1 - any updates on your search? I tried to lock in a Genesis before 9/7 (new rates are horrible) and couldn’t find a dealer wanting to negotiate. I’m thinking about a Jeep GC if I can move with wife’s Audi (dealers are offering horrible trade numbers).

I’ve basically given up on the JGC I think. I also found dealers giving real jokes of trade in numbers, plus many only wanted to talk payment and – even when I agreed to talk payment – were so far out of whack it wasn’t worth it.

I was close at one place, but I think I may have to give too much up in terms of options to be where I want to be. Also the interior just wasn’t doing it for me. Love the exterior look though.

I’m kind of back at square one and reevaluating what might be interesting to me.

I feel your pain. I’m a long-time Audi/BMW enthusiast/forum member. The last 3 BMW leases were seamless. The CA’s are very enthusiast friendly.
The last go round I was looking at JGC’s and the lease price was so so. But I had dealers quote my trade anywhere from $24-28k (I owe $33) on a $100k 2011 A8. And to top it off, I called my local Hyundai dealer late August, started to talk through numbers. He quotes me $599/mo for a Genesis, I asked for the selling price and he said MSRP. I laughed at him. He said “well you called me on the phone, it’s a cold call, if you’re interested come in to see me.”

I have heard once you are in a BMW lease, the deals get even better on your 2nd etc. Maybe I will have to look into it. The problem there is that I don’t drive enough to justify the payments on an X5, the X3 is so old, and the X1 is tiny.

There are so many bad Hyundai dealers. When we got our Genesis in June, I think I talked to 4 or 5 different dealers who were terrible in different ways before I finally found one who was both easy to deal with and ready to really discount the car.

PM sent leasename1…thanks